Written by Beth Hildreth on January 8, 2015
Categories: Cloud

The digital age has had a pronounced impact on the way businesses operate. For decades, companies were reliant on a narrow and fixed range of resources to maintain competitive advantages, including functionality, pricing, and visual appeal. Today, those traditional approaches have eroded, and a new concept has emerged as the key to sustained success: the customer experience.

In the world of digitized commerce, customers want to feel recognized. Customers desire a predictable, familiar experience, reinforced by a sense of appreciation from the companies they choose to do business with.

Cloud contact centers are emerging as critical assets in providing exactly that kind of customer experience. Yet, budgetary constraints require business owners to make strategic investments in these resources. How can they best be leveraged to provide a superior customer experience?

Here are six important principles to keep in mind:

Stay Abreast of Consumer “Wants and Needs”

Instant digital communications offer opportunity. Businesses that do not monitor these channels to drive a deepened understanding of what customers want and need can be sure that competitors are. Cloud solutions also make customer contact easier across a range of platforms, making businesses more accessible to customers and providing enhanced service opportunities.

Adapt to Change

Technology is changing rapidly, and its ability to impact the choices of consumers has reached unprecedented levels. The cloud offers an unmatched value proposition to businesses that want to continually deploy new technologies and capabilities while minimizing software and hardware investments.

Obtain Customized Solutions

One of the best things about cloud computing is that it offers highly customized and specialized service packages, which deliver all the functionality needed while eliminating everything unwanted. This increases the value proposition for businesses, allowing the biggest bang for the proverbial buck.

Improve Security

Cloud-based solutions offer a distinct advantage in terms of disaster recovery. There’s no safer place for data than in the cloud. In addition, leveraging the cloud’s disaster recovery potential eliminates the need to invest in and maintain extensive hardware and IT infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Researching cloud providers can uncover providers that offer discounts. Cloud Service Providers that have very high traffic volumes are able to pass savings to business clients, helping businesses slash current telecom costs by as much as 50 percent.

Say Goodbye to Upgrades and IT Downtime

Businesses that invest in the cloud instead of traditional IT solutions enjoy immediate access to upgrades, features, and performance improvements. Cloud Services also eliminate the need for manual installation of updates, providing time-savings and enabling businesses to focus on providing customers a consistent and positive experience.

Today’s consumers expect more from businesses. The cloud offers businesses a superior way to keep pace in a competitive landscape.