Written by Beth Hildreth on April 28, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Fax has come a long way over the years, transitioning from large and very loud cumbersome machines into next-generation platforms that are vital for powering reliable and secure enterprise communications. The space has expanded with the news that Momentum is now offering users both toll-free fax numbers and local Internet fax numbers.

The Momentum solution, which has local Internet fax numbers available in all 48 states in the U.S including Washington D.C., allows businesses that heavily rely on Internet fax communications to portray a local presence even if they are located halfway across the globe. Being in close proximity can help customers feel closer to your business and assured that any problems or complaints that may arise will be taken care of quickly.

A great benefit offered to Internet fax subscribers, and one not afforded by previous generations of these platforms, is the ability to send and receive faxes from any email-enabled device. Efficiency and convenience are optimal. Moreover, costs are much lower when compared to traditional fax machines and phone lines, with Momentum’s product available starting at only $9.95 a month.

To stand apart from competitors, business communications must adapt to emerging trends such as the increasing use of cloud services. Internet fax can help you continuously expand your footprint while also doing your part to help the environment by cutting down on the use of paper. This is truly a win-win scenario for companies, clients and the planet.