Momentum Retail Solutions.

Faster response to market demands and improved customer service.

Momentum helps retailers provide an increased level of customer service. Retailers continuously stay engaged and maintain customers.  Momentum provides the solutions that enable real-time collaboration between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams, which ultimately leads to better customer service and supply management.

Targeted Solution Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Enhance customer service and loyalty
  • Improve internal and external communications Increased operational efficiencies
  • Drive revenues
  • Real-time Inventory management
  • Remote Customer Service
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Key Issue

Focusing on the customer experience

Retail companies with the most personal customer service programs often attract and retain a main market share. Momentum Telecom’s collaborative solutions help bring retail services, support, and remote product expertise closer to the consumer with interactive kiosks. They can be used for retail functions within and between stores including price lookups, inventory control, product details, multi-language support, technical support, and to provide answers to commonly asked questions

Probing Questions

  • What are you doing to distinguish your business from your competition?
  • How do you measure customer satisfaction levels?
  • Do you have targeted response times for service and support calls?
  • How do you use communications to improve the overall experience of your customers?
  • Do you maximize the usage and adoption of the technologies implemented to better serve customers?

Store Wide Communications

Key Issue

Enhancing store operations

Timely communication helps retailers increase employee productivity, improve store operations, and increase customer satisfaction. Momentum collaborative video conferencing solutions within and among retail branch locations facilitate inventory checks, remote support, remote team meetings, last-minute specials, and new incentive programs. Headquarters benefits through better, faster access to sales reports, employee information, and remote expertise.

Probing Questions

  • How do your store employees communicate among one another?
  • How do you currently train your sales teams on new products, services, or promotions?
  • How do you remove the distance and cultural barriers that can often lead to misunderstandings?
  • How do you ensure a coordinated effort with a worldwide team?
  • How do you maximize uptime and usage of wireless technology, which is often exposed to harsh conditions by users?

Supply Chain Management

Key Issue

Partnering with the value chain Increased profitability is often a result of better inventory management, as well as more accurate supply and demand forecasting. Momentum real-time collaboration solutions enable better forecasting, more timely inventory checks and balances, accurate tracking of shipping status and orders, and appropriate procurement. The benefits are faster response to market and customer demands.

Probing Questions

  • What systems are in place to ensure accurate inventory control?
  • How do you build and strengthen relationships with the supply chain in a global economy?
  • How important is it that your systems can communicate easily with the systems within your supplier base?
  • How do you coordinate efforts with these remote supplier facilities?
  • What is your current quality assurance or quality inspection process for suppliers?