Today’s manufacturers are constantly challenged as they face fierce competition, increasingly aggressive pricing, and highly demanding customers.  Whether one manufactures hardware, software, machinery, clothing, etc., a robust unified communications infrastructure can improve performance and address all company challenges. Momentum’s UCaaS provides manufacturers with the ability to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance phone systems and other technologies to best achieve customer satisfaction. 

Case Study

PTR Baler & Compactor

is a recognized source of high quality products manufactured for safety and long life. PTR is dedicated to the mission of providing its customers the best value in balers, compactors, and the service on this equipment in its industry. PTR is also committed to protecting and preserving the environment by providing and servicing recycling and waste reduction products.

Business Challenge

PTR Baler & Compactor was utilizing an aging premise-based PBX with its current carrier that required an upgrade that would cost approximately $30,000, and an internal infrastructure that would need many improvements. PTR was also seeking a hosted VoIP solution as part of its disaster recovery plan and cost reduction strategy.

Solution – Momentum Hosted VoIP Solution

Momentum’s hosted solution stood out amongst the competition for PTR in many aspects, most notably in its cost savings. In addition to the Green benefits, Disaster recovery and operational benefits of the Hosted solution, PTR will realize a savings of $2,711.33/Month in non-cellular phone costs in 2010 compared to 2008 averages, amounting to $32,532 in the 2010 fiscal year.