Law firms are under pressure to provide an exceptional level of service to their diverse and demanding clients that successfully distinguishes them from the competition. The Momentum Telecom UCaaS solution suite enables law firms to conduct business from anywhere and with anyone seamlessly, and to increase efficiency and productivity company-wide. The solution has attracted the attention of distinguished law firms throughout the country.

Targeted Solution Benefits

Some of the benefits of Momentum’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution to law firms include Mobility phone features and there are a variety of features that are essential to keeping a firm moving.

Momentum Anywhere, a fixed mobile convergence solution, enables users to make and receive calls from any location, with only one phone number, one dial plan and one voice mailbox.

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Momentum’s Instant Messaging (IM) and Conferencing solutions provide a multitude of new ways to collaborate easily within a firm, regardless of where staff may be located – in a branch office, on the road or at the courthouse.

Unified Messaging and Interactive Voice Response

Users will receive their voicemails as a .wav file in their email and can then listen to them directly by clicking on the file, and can also forward them by email or store them in client document files. With Momentum’s UC solution, firms enjoy the power of Voice-enabled Exchange, which provides the ability to schedule and change calendar appointments, listen to and manage emails and retrieve contacts via voice prompts from any phone.

Call Recording and Reporting

Momentum Archive, Momentum’s integrated call recording product, is a vital resource to law offices. Recorded calls are accessed via a standard web browser, and it can be set up to automatically record and save all phone calls. Those recorded calls are converted into .mp3 files that can easily be saved electronically in client files or emailed to a colleague for transcription or other use. Momentum phone reporting features are extremely robust. General reports are included with phone service and special reports can be customized to meet specific needs.

Auto Attendant

This feature of Momentum’s UC solution is a great way to have a virtual receptionist for the office 24/7. It greets callers and connects them to the appropriate extensions with an interactive voice response system.

The Momentum Legal Solution includes:

  • Billable hours on the phone
  • Conference calling and web meetings with billing and client code
  • Call Reporting to catch all missed billable hours
  • Call recording to listen to calls and identify which client to bill

Case Study

Kimmel & Silverman, P.C.

is a law firm focused on providing Lemon Law and Debt Collection Harassment help to their clients. The firm has 50 employees across more than five locations, with its headquarters office housing 40 employees. The firm relies heavily on its phones receiving hundreds of inbound calls from current clients or new sales leads delivered from their website and marketing organization daily. The firm is in constant contact with courts, their clients and other attorneys. Real time communication is not optional because phone outages cost Kimmel & Silverman revenue.

Business Challenge

Kimmel & Silverman was experiencing outages with their existing service provider once every two months on average. The firm also often had issues with call routing and hardware issues of lag, synchronization with routers and security problems. The result was thousands of dollars lost every time an outage occurred as the business relies on constant communications with clients and opposing counsel to settle cases quickly. The firm was looking for more reliable service and cost savings, so it turned to Momentum’s hosted VoIP solution.

Solution – Momentum Hosted VoIP Solution

The firm has realized an incredible cost savings while at the same time increasing productivity, two of the main goals of any business model. Kimmel and Silverman’s employees don’t worry about losing important calls or voicemails, and can easily email voicemails that come as .wav files to attorneys who are out of the office. Employees can transfer calls to other offices when appropriate and setup call forwarding. With caller ID and a secondary line on each individual phone, the firm’s clients are able to speak to someone without having to leave a voicemail, leading to a better customer service experience.

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Petrelli Law, P.C.

is a Philadelphia-based law firm that specializes in family law and divorce mediation.  In addition, they provide legal help in matters relating to life insurance and personal injury.

Business Challenge

Thomas J. Petrelli, Jr., managing partner at Petrelli Law, was looking to replace the firm’s aging phone system with a newer system that could offer improved efficiency, enhanced functionality, and that had the ability to record incoming calls. By recording calls, they hoped to keep track of how the phones were being answered and what conversations transpired when client leads came through.


Momentum provided Petrelli Law with hosted VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) to improve business efficiencies and save the firm money.

Call recording, part of Momentum’s hosted VoIP offering, now allows the firm to record incoming and outgoing calls, and obtain feedback on what type of correspondence worked so they could come up with an action plan that would allow the office assistant to respond more appropriately to potential clients’ questions and concerns. Additionally, attorneys can now take calls on the go without having to worry about taking notes. Call recording also helps with daily fact-checking since attorneys can listen to calls at anytime.

Communicating more efficiently has made the firm more competitive as well. With Momentum Anywhere, the firm never misses a call as it allows users to use one number for all incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of the phone used. So whether they are in the office or in court, attorneys have the option to answer the call without having someone at the main office take a message or transfer the caller to voicemail. The firm no longer needs to worry about a competitor taking their business because they weren’t around to answer the phone. Because of Momentum Anywhere, Petrelli no longer requires a receptionist, saving the firm thousands of dollars alone just on payroll.

Additionally, since the solution unifies personal services across all devices, attorneys can move calls seamlessly from a desk phone to a mobile handset when they need to leave the office, but continue a call or transfer a call from their cell phone to their desk phone when they return from a meeting.

With Momentum’s solutions, communications happen much more efficiently, resulting in quicker turnarounds and happier clients. With hosted UC, attorneys are able to work from home and still access all of their communications system tools, which help them to stay productive, especially during snowstorms, family emergencies or due to illness.


“As we grow our business and include more services for our clients, we know that Momentum will be behind us to ensure that we can continue to provide our clients with the quality of service that they have come to expect from Kimmel & Silverman.”

Jeff Ehrmann, Director of IT, Kimmel & Silverman

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“These days, it’s harder and harder to find clients because our industry is so competitive and information is so readily accessible via the web. Momentum’s solutions helped to streamline my business by increasing our efficiency and productivity and made the firm more competitive, as well. Having the ability to answer calls anytime from anywhere not only saves us time, but also from losing a potential new client or servicing our existing clients. We no longer need to worry about a competitor taking our business because we were in court unable to answer the phone and the next guy on the Web was.”

Thomas J. Petrelli, Jr.,  Petrelli Law, P.C.