Of all industry types, financial services companies likely best understand the value of efficiency and speed when it comes to operating a business. In this industry, competition is fierce due to ever-changing regulatory and economic issues. While managing these pressures, these providers must be proactive, attentive and on their game to ensure a high level of prompt, friendly, personalized customer service. Momentum Telecom’s UCaaS solution helps financial service providers streamline their business operations – improving productivity, time management, and increasing morale with customers.

Case Study

Greenwood Partners

is a boutique broker/dealer located in Jenkintown, PA.

Business Challenge

Greenwood Partners was not satisfied with the reliability and cost of its past telecommunications service. As a small broker dealer they were looking for a feature-rich phone system that was resilient in the event of a power or network outage. Greenwood Partners was also looking for flexibility for some of their senior management to work from home.

Solution: Momentum Telecom’s Hosted VoIP Solution

With Momentum Telecom, Greenwood Partners was able to save nearly 25% on the total cost of ownership over their former telecommunications provider. In addition, Momentum was able to address the business continuity needs by simply re-directing calls to a cell phone or any other phone number in the event of a power failure or disaster. More over, the senior management was able to receive calls on their IP phone at home as if they were sitting in the office. This solution allowed callers to dial the same number and extension as if the user was sitting in his office but with the convenience of working from home.

Targeted Solution Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Revenues and Deposits
  • Reduce Costs
  • Streamline Operational Efficiency
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Remote Branch Communications

Key Issue: Enhancing Branch Collaboration and increasing customer satisfaction. When it comes to personal finances, bank customers are often more comfortable with service and product information that comes by physically visiting branch locations. To meet this need, banks turn to Momentum real-time collaboration to connect branch offices, remote banking operations and other locations to transform an obsolescent branch system into a vibrant sales channel. With direct, visual communication with responsive remote financial expert who is able to offer personalized products and services, customers feel more confidence with a higher rate of satisfaction.

Probing Questions:

  • What are your methods for cross-selling/upselling financial vehicles?
  • How would you address a multilingual issue that couldn’t be supported by local branch employees?
  • Do you have plans for alternative branch sites, like food stores or shopping malls?
  • How important is your branch customer experience?
  • What are ways that you distinguish your bank from the competition?

High Net Worth/VIP Clients

Key Issue: Increasing competitive differentiation by providing personalized level of service
Banks and other financial institutions create specialized “white glove” environments and services to attract high net-worth and mass-affluent clients while delivering immediate access to any and all resources the bank has to offer for world-class advice and guidance, whether from commodities specialists in Chicago or currency specialists in Tokyo.
Momentum bank customers with real-time access to financial experts and to elite services that meet their high expectations.

Probing Questions:

  • What services do you provide to your high net worth customers today?
  • How do these services differ from your standard customer offerings?
  • Are you aware of any high net worth service offerings from your competition?
  • How do you distinguish your services from the competition?
  • What percentage of your customer base deposits are high net worth customers?

Video Trading/Morning Call

Key Issue: Faster decision-making and increase productivity through interactive content sharing
In a trade market morning call, market research and other relevant information is broadcast to traders and brokers prior to the opening bell. Momentum solutions broadcast the call live or on-demand over voice, video, or wireless. Recorded and archived sessions can be replayed throughout the day, increasing productivity through content sharing. Video collaboration is also used through video-enabled next-generation turrets that provide a full, visual environment for traders and financial brokers on the trading floor.

Probing Questions:

  • How important is it to ensure that your traders understand the information that your analysts provide each day?
  • Would it be helpful if your traders could replay some of the information provided by analysts on the morning call?
  • What type of information (live analysts, television broadcasts, video feeds) is typically shared on your morning calls?
  • What types of and how many financial turret systems are you using today?



“Momentum Telecom has been one of the best vendors I have ever dealt with across the board. I found the real cost savings to be better than expected and are hands down better than other options (companies) which we were evaluating at the same time we evaluated Momentum Telecom. The availability, timeliness & friendliness of their support staff has been second to none.”

Matthew Kelly – Chief Compliance Officer for Greenwood Partners