Momentum Telecom offers a highly flexible, expansive suite of UCaaS services designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. From call centers to construction firms, financial providers to law firms, and other specific service industries, Momentum’s services provide businesses of all types the ability to operate from anywhere, with anyone seamlessly; and increase efficiency and productivity company-wide.

Industries We Serve

Call Center

The customer service industry is undergoing major changes, driven by new generations of consumers, updated modes of communications and the overall adoption of social media. To address these changes, businesses need a unified communications structure that will allow call centers to effectively manage customer experience, while leveraging the latest in best practices and enabling technologies that complement existing resources.

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The construction industry relies on a dependable communication system that will allow team members to collaborate and share in order to complete large projects – on time, and within budget. Integrating unified communications within a construction firm helps to facilitate communication in the most effective and productive manner. Expectations are rising for company information exchange – and more firms are looking for end-to-end solutions that enable operational collaboration and key project support.

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Financial Services

Of all industry types, financial services companies likely best understand the value of efficiency and speed when it comes to operating a business. In this industry, competition is fierce due to ever-changing regulatory and economic issues. While managing these pressures, these providers must be proactive, attentive and on their game to ensure a high level of prompt, friendly, personalized customer service. Momentum Telecom’s UCaaS solution helps financial service providers streamline their business operations – improving productivity, time management, and increasing morale with customers.

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The healthcare industry undoubtedly experiences the highest level of demands expectations in comparison to all industry types. The healthcare field is under constant pressure to provide outstanding patient care and top-notch responsiveness, all while cutting costs. Momentum’s UCaaS solution for healthcare enables organizations to successfully combine communications, collaboration, mobility and workflow automation to automate and simplify intensive patient care processes. As a result, healthcare firms observe improved patient experience, clinical tasks management, and more.

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The hospitality industry relies upon a solid communications infrastructure that will get customer attention upon the first contact – by improving call routing to the best resources. It is important for this industry to differentiate guest experience through offering advanced, easy-to-use communications options; and to boost productivity in the workplace by enabling quality mobile communications and applications for all staff.

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Law firms are under pressure to provide an exceptional level of service to their diverse and demanding clients that successfully distinguishes them from the competition. The Momentum Telecom UCaaS solution suite enables law firms to conduct business from anywhere and with anyone seamlessly, and to increase efficiency and productivity company-wide. The solution has attracted the attention of distinguished law firms throughout the country.

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Today’s manufacturers are constantly challenged as they face fierce competition, increasingly aggressive pricing, and highly demanding customers. Whether one manufactures hardware, software, machinery, clothing, etc., a robust unified communications infrastructure can improve performance and address all company challenges. Momentum’s UCaaS provides manufacturers with the ability to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance phone systems and other technologies to best achieve customer satisfaction.

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Today’s retailers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to streamline how they convey information and offer services to customers, associates, and management in order to increase sales and remain competitive. Momentum’s UCaaS solution enhances retail operations by focusing on the importance of VoIP, and integrating today’s latest technologies that promote efficiency, workplace collaboration, and mobility.

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