Written by on August 26, 2013
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employee healthRecognizing the importance of health, many businesses are embracing different tactics that can help their employees live healthier lives. With solutions such as providing gyms at the work place and offering flexible hours, businesses are incorporating many different techniques to help their employees stay healthy and happy. A healthier employee is likely to be a better employee to both be around and when it comes to productivity.

Working from home has become an increasingly popular trend which has been reinforced by the rise of telecommuting and the rise of the virtual call center. While companies might embrace remote workers for financial reasons, studies have shown that those who work from home can experience a variety of health benefits too. The Huffington Post recently researched the perks of working from home, and found that there are many physical benefits to setting up a home office.

Healthier eating choices

It’s much easier to control eating habits when you’re in control of what food is being brought into your environment. Because you’re not susceptible to any snacks or sweets that might be brought into an office, you’re always in control of what you choose to eat.

Extra time for exercise

It can be difficult to set aside time to go the gym between travelling to and from work when working full-time. With the flexibility of working from home, which a virtual call center provides, employees can easily set aside the time needed to exercise since they no longer have to commute.

Control over your schedule

At any job, you’re given a set of tasks to complete. You’ve got to complete them—and complete them well—if you want to remain employed. Those who work from home generally have more control over making their own schedules. And those who have more control over their working conditions may having better physical and mental health, according to recent studies. Working from home allows workers to complete tasks at their own pace without someone looking over their shoulder and pressuring them to hurry up. That is, of course, so long as the tasks are completed well and on time.

Less stress

Besides potentially exercising more and making healthier eating choices, employees who work from home might also find themselves enjoying other benefits such as better sleep and lower blood pressure.

More family time

Those who work from home will also be with their families more, something that is undoubtedly good for mental health, as well. Though the work still has to be done, remote employees won’t stay late in the office and will be able to join their families for dinner, for example.

Without the stress of commuting, and the flexibility and ease working from home provides, those who work from home can enjoy setting their own schedule, increase productivity and enjoy a reduced-stress lifestyle—all of which have positive ramifications on their overall health.

Deciding to operate a virtual call center and give employees the chance to work from home provides all these mentioned health benefits—and more. Through the call center technology Momentum Telecom provides, it’s exceptionally easy for businesses to provide this healthy work alternative for their call center personnel.

By: Dana Jaffe