Written by Beth Hildreth on July 13, 2015
Categories: Hosted PBX, VoIP

Recent trends are pointing towards a tremendous growth in the global PBX market. This is thanks in large part to a growing number of open source and hosted PBX options.

As this $40 billion market expands, one can’t help but wonder why these systems have suddenly become the latest hot item for 2015. Here’s why this strong trend might last throughout the year and beyond.

A Better Bang for the Buck

Affordability is one reason why enterprises are now seeing hosted PBX solutions in a more favorable light. An IBISWorld procurement report found that these services offered a buyer power score of 4.1 out of 5, signaling a favorable environment for interested buyers.

Today’s enterprise customer is able to leverage these services against credible alternatives—such as on-premise PBX, open-source PBX, and landline systems—resulting in a significant advantage in terms of pricing and features. Strong competition for hosted PBX services has also helped improve overall buying power. The vast majority of PBX players remain relatively small firms and no one company has set itself as the default PBX standard to emulate.

With plenty of healthy competition within the marketplace, it’s safe to say that the hosted PBX arena will remain favorable to buyers for quite some time.

Many Enterprises are Coming Around

As enterprises and institutions face the task of replacing their existing systems, many are searching for ways to manage communication needs in a more streamlined and simplified manner. Even storied institutions like Oxford University are embracing the latest in Unified Communications (UC) as it overhauls its networking infrastructure.

C-level business executives are also increasingly drawn towards hosted PBX systems from an OPEX instead of CAPEX point of view. For many companies, the ability to treat such systems as an operating expense is sure to improve bottom lines across the board.

Improvements in VoIP Support

Support for VoIP hasn’t been where it should have been these past few years, with many businesses expressing disappointment and dismay over service quality and reliability. Fortunately, VoIP support has improved by leaps and bounds as businesses move away from POTS-based infrastructure in favor of IP-based telephony.

Cloud-based PBX offers excellent improvements in VoIP quality and robustness by doing away with the on-site server in favor of a robust and resilient cloud environment. The result is a system that offers increased uptime and robust failover capability.

A Long-Term Eye Towards UC

UC is the linchpin for the future of media-rich, data-driven communications. For many companies, the ultimate goal involves creating a robust ecosystem that brings together all the essential and desirable UC elements in an advanced and economical yet streamlined way.

Hosted PBX represents the first step in that process, allowing companies to smoothly transition to cloud-based alternatives without making unreasonable compromises.

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