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Did you know that the average worker receives more than 100 messages and spends 165 minutes doing work in their email client/interface every day? Those numbers are staggering. And most of the world’s email traffic comes from the corporate world. By 2016, business-oriented emails are expected to account for three-fourths of the total yearly message volume of emails.

Even as new forms of communications tools continue to emerge, one method remains central to all lines of business: email. Everything from voicemail to email to calendar invites to Internet faxes are unified with email and available straight from your inbox, which makes having a reliable and easily-accessible business email service more important than ever.

Email is now a business standard, but today’s workforce demands a messaging platform that delivers more than the status quo. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange Server platform dominates the enterprise email industry representing 53% of the worldwide market for Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration in 2012. That figure that will climb another 15% by 2016.

Professionals today rely on real-time technology to generate quality work and keep up with the speed of business. Hosted exchange providers offer multiple client email solutions that enable users to connect to Outlook from a variety of devices and ensure that productivity never skips a beat.


Get More With Momentum Hosted Exchange

With Momentum’s Microsoft Hosted Exchange solution, businesses can now access the feature-rich, customizable platform at a fraction of the cost. This offering enables organizations to leverage the benefits of the industry’s leading email client to save time and money, and eliminate the hassle of managing servers, licenses and maintenance of the Exchange infrastructure in house.

Just how much can you save with a cloud-based email solution vs. on-premise deployments? Hosted Exchange can reduce TCO up to 94% for 10 users, 72% for 100 users and 56% for 1,000 users.

Check out our full Slideshare to learn more about Momentum’s Hosted Exchange.

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