Written by Beth Hildreth on January 3, 2014

 According to the leading research firm Gartner, unified communications has officially taken off as a business tool and is no longer considered an up-and-coming technology. Unified communications is now mainstream in the business world.

The idea of unified communication systems is not a new one, but Gartner said that after studying UC system adoption over the last 12 months, it sees products and best practices in early mainstream adoption phases that will only continue to mature in upcoming years.

Why Unified Communications?

Unified communications is defined by Gartner as any technology that improves productivity and enhances business processes, and businesses are finally entering a time when adopting  such a system will undoubtedly bring widespread benefits.

And it’s clear that companies are realizing this trend. The unified communications market has seen a 34 percent increase in revenue over the last year, according to additional research. Companies large and small are reaping the benefits of systems that allow instant communication and enhanced productivity across multiple devices and platforms.

Unified communications has only continued to mature since its original development, and applications have increasingly been integrated or offered in collaboration with new mediums to unite audio and video conferencing, messaging, and presence that looks and feels the same to users across multiple devices, making life simpler.

As hybrid in-house/cloud-based unified communication systems increasingly provide great user experience, mobility and interoperability, they will continue to have broad appeal for companies looking for the best methods to communicate.

And those companies are finding, when a unified communication system is implemented, their operations are streamline to improve efficiency while lowering costs. The tools also make employees more accessible no matter where they happen to be—in the office, at home or out in the field. With benefits like those, the adoption of unified communications solutions is anticipated to continue to be strong.