Written by Beth Hildreth on May 29, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) telephone systems allow your business communications to migrate to the cloud, meaning that companies who switch to hosted PBXs are able to enjoy a high quality, more versatile phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional one. What’s even better is that these cloud-based hosted PBX solutions are managed by the service providers, freeing your IT team of yet another system to monitor.

Here are five benefits you can capitalize on by making a switch to a Hosted PBX phone solution:

1. It costs less: In this economic climate, business can be boom and bust from quarter to quarter. Hosted PBX is powered through the Internet, ensuring that you don’t have to maintain and manage the equipment that powers it. You also won’t have to buy that equipment, which frees you from the burden of having to make a capital expenditure. Hiring more employees or letting some go? Scalability is quick, easy and affordable with cloud-based PBX services. You’ll also say goodbye to the exorbitant fees associated with maintaining separate phone and data lines.

2. It enables working remotely: Since Hosted PBXs don’t rely on traditional phone lines and can connect multiple locations, and because the cloud enables mobility, workers can be reached at their phone numbers by simply being connected to the Internet wherever they might be. The client won’t know any differently.

3. Continuity: Worried that an upcoming storm might knock your business offline for a few days? Because the equipment that enables hosted PBX technology is stored offsite, your business won’t suffer when the power goes out or a blizzard prevents you from making it to the office. By accessing a portal on the Internet and tweaking the settings, you can have calls made to your office number forwarded to devices of your choosing for guaranteed availability.

4. Increased utility: Crisp voice quality, voicemails forwarded to your email and the ability to take and make calls from devices of your choosing—these features just scratch the surface of what hosted PBX can provide.

5. One less headache: Fluid communication is essential to business prosperity. That means if your communications system goes down, you’re in trouble. By switching to a cloud-based phone service, the management of the heart of your business operation is taken care of by a dedicated set of professionals. This enables you to direct your focus on the most pressing issues affecting your business.