Momentum Telecom Support Gives Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the Momentum FAQ section for informative answers to the most commonly asked support questions.


How much technical skill is involved in the setup of Momentum services?

Our products are very simple to use. We provide online directions that show how to use the features. Plus, customers can always contact customer support.

What equipment do I need to set up Momentum’s VOIP services?

Yes, with supported momentum devices you can share your broadband connection for both data and voice.

Can I share my T1 for both data and VOIP?

No, due to the published listing, business subscribers cannot convert to a residential account and residential subscribers cannot convert to a business account.

How much bandwidth do I need to operate Momentum’s VOIP services?

We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 128 kbps for a single line and an additional 90 kbps per line on multiple line accounts.

Why is having the proper bandwidth so crucial for voice services?

High latency or packet loss can cause choppy calls and minimized voice quality. High latency is when it takes too long for the data to be transmitted over the internet connection; packet loss is when information is lost over the internet connection. These symptoms are often caused by broadband problems, internet congestion or heavy bandwidth usage, such as online gaming or file sharing. Increasing your bandwidth can usually fix related issues. Check the health of your network connection with a broadband speed test.