Momentum Telecom Support Gives Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the Momentum FAQ section for informative answers to the most commonly asked support questions.

Services and Features

What is a smart number?

Smart Numbers provide the best inbound calling features available on our Workstation line – without the need for a desk phone. Get all of the polished business features and listings needed, while remaining completely virtual and mobile. Our Smart Number points to any number you select, so you can make and receive calls from your home phone, your cell phone, or any number you choose.

Do I need any equipment for a smart number?

This is a virtual product – no equipment is required.

Does Momentum provide a ring group feature?

Yes, one is included with the Small Office Virtual Assistant.

Can I have professionally recorded greetings for my virtual assistant?

Yes, you can. The recorded greeting for an automated attendant can be up to 5 minutes in duration. The source file must be a WAV file. Required format: CCITT u-Law or A-Law, 8 kHz sampling rate, 8-bit Mono. Once the file has been created, it can be uploaded from our subscriber website.

What all do I need to get started with virtual fax service?

There is no equipment or software necessary. Momentum assigns a local or toll free fax number that allows users to send and receive faxes via email.

What is a Message Waiting Indicator?

A Message Waiting Indicator is a notification that alerts you when you have a new voicemail message. There are two different types of Message Waiting Indicators. The Audible MWI notifies you in the form of a “stutter dial tone” when a message is waiting to be retrieved and a Visual MWI triggers a light and/or notice on the display of your phone.

How do I check my voicemail?

You can check your voicemail by telephone, email or via the Subscriber Portal. By telephone, dial *98 to get to your mailbox, enter your passcode and press the # key. To check voicemail via your email, just enable the Voicemail to Email feature on the Subscriber Portal. You can also listen to your messages by clicking the Message tab on the Subscriber Portal.

What is the maximum capacity of my voicemail box?

The voicemail box holds up to a total of 30 minutes worth of messages. When at capacity, all new messages will be blocked.

What message will a caller on my blocked call list hear when the call goes through?

The blocked caller will hear a message stating the party they are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.

Can calls be erased from the call log?

No, calls are archived for 3 months and then they are deleted.

Can Momentum’s service be used with my burglar alarm system?

Customers who have a burglar alarm system connecting to an existing office telephone line should contact their alarm system provider to see if their system is compatible with their service and for wiring assistance.

Can I call a 900 or 1-900 number?

No, Momentum blocks all calls to 900 and 1-900 numbers.

Will I be able to make e911 calls in case of an emergency?

Absolutely. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Just make sure the service address you provide us matches your physical address. The address you have provided us to keep on file is where 911 personnel will be sent during an emergency.

Do I need to test e911 dialing after setup?

No, it will not be necessary to test E911 dialing following installation.

Do you offer calling cards?

No, Momentum does not offer calling cards.

Does Momentum service handle international dialing?

Yes. Note that additional fees do apply for making international calls. The rates vary from location to location and are applied on a per minute, per call basis. We do provide an option to block international dialing from your phone line.

Can I forward calls to my mobile device?

Yes, simply select the forwarding option in your settings on the Subscriber Portal or do it directly on your phone by pressing *72, enter your mobile number and end the call.

Does Momentum support extension dialing?

Yes. We support extension dialing with our Enterprise products.

Will my business number be listed in the phone book?

It is optional. You will be able to designate the company name and phone number you want listed in your local directory or you can choose for your number to be unlisted (accessible via directory assistance only), or unpublished (to remain completely private).

Can a business listing be in an individual’s name?

Yes, just let us know the exact name you want to appear in the telephone directory.

Where can I find more information on momentum’s features and solutions?

Visit our Resources Page for feature guides as well as demos, tutorials and technical guides.