Momentum Telecom Support Gives Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the Momentum FAQ section for informative answers to the most commonly asked support questions.

Partner Program

How do I get started as a Momentum reseller?

To request a contract, just contact our Channel Management Team at Momentum will follow up with you to gather any additional information that is needed to finalize the process and proceed with implementation.

Is there a fee to join the Partner Program?

No, there are zero sign up fees.

As a Reseller Partner, are there required minimums?

We do not impose minimums on our partners. We provide flexible plans for all scenarios that ensure resellers can meet their customers’ needs, whatever they may be.

Will I have to fly to your office for training?

No. Training will be provided in a variety of ways including webinars, videos, and onsite training at your offices. You will have access to your Channel Manager, a Sales Engineer, and our VAR support team to assist with the entire process.

What equipment is compatible with Momentum services?

Momentum supports a wide variety of industry leading business phone systems, routers and ATAs. We primarily provide Cisco or Polycom phones with our cloud communications service offerings.

What are the options for Enterprise service plans?

Enterprise solutions have options for metered and unlimited usage plans. Each Enterprise “simple” user receives a dedicated call path that is tied to their usage plan. Alternatively, Enterprise “select” has shared call paths, a flexible seat to call path ratio structure that creates a cost effective solution for enterprises with a broad user base.

Are data services available?

Yes. To access data services, Momentum provides T1 connections, and in many cases, your existing broadband may be sufficient to operate these services.

Are customers able to bring your own broadband (BYOB)?

Yes, you are able to BYOB. With this option, we do recommend you employ a full assessment of the network to assure everything is up to par for voice. Also, you will want to run a broadband speed test to make sure you have at least 100 kbps up/down per active call for optimum voice quality.

What kind of technical support can I expect as a reseller?

Momentum offers Tier I thru Tier III support 24/7, in house and in country. A Sales Engineer will also be available to assist with technical questions pre and post sale.

What type of marketing support is available?

Momentum will provide marketing designs such as bill inserts, postcards, email blasts, door hangers and more – you name it, we’ve got it.

Will you bill my customers?

Momentum handles all the heavy lifting for our reseller partners. We do the billing, the collections and deal with all the government fees.

What do BTN and WTN mean?

BTN stands for Billing Telephone Number and is the number where the subscriber’s account is billed and set up. WTN stands for Working Telephone Number and is normally a subscriber’s secondary line.

What is the commission structure?

Momentum offers resellers a tiered structure based on Monthly Recurring Revenue that allows a partner to increase their monthly residual % as they grow their customer base. We also have a wholesale option should you choose to brand the solution.

How do I check my commissions?

You can check your commissions via the Partner Portal. This tool can also can be used to track leads and opportunities, create quotes, open cases, view order statuses and other account details.The Partner support team will be available to assist with administration of this tool.