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Momentum + VOIP (9)

Who is Momentum?

Momentum is a leading Cloud-based communications provider that offers smart, personalized virtual VoIP solutions and broadband management for businesses throughout the U.S. Founded in 2001, Momentum is CLEC certified in 45 states and now operates over 100,000 digital voice lines for more than 350 independent cable operators, municipalities, value added resellers, managed service providers and direct subscribers nationwide.

When comparing VOIP providers, what advantages does Momentum offer?

Momentum’s platform brings together top-flight channel partners, technicians, support and products to offer best-of-breed services. With highlights that include 100 percent network uptime, verifiable voice quality, centralized order and support automation, geographic redundancy, advanced features and user-friendly products, Momentum is the ultimate Internet management and phone service provider.

So what is VOIP anyways?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a method for taking analog audio signals, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over a common broadband Internet connection. Digital voice technology meets the voice quality and reliability offered by the public switched telephone network at a much lower price.

How does VOIP work?

There are currently two different ways to make a call with Momentum’s VoIP service: 1) Via an IP phone or 2) Via a phone adapter. Momentum has several options for IP phones that connect directly to a router and have all the necessary hardware and software to handle an IP call. We also have a low-cost Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) available that can plug into a traditional phone; this enables the conversion of the analog signal to digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet and allows a standard phone to support VoIP services.

What benefits does VOIP service have over analog phone service?

VoIP phone systems enable voice and data services to be transported on the same network and to be maintained and supported internally as a unit. As a result, VoIP services are less expensive to operate, which allows Momentum to offer voice communication solutions to our customers that yield significant savings, while still providing call quality that is equivalent to analog phone services. Additionally, features are easier to use. VoIP features are controlled via intuitive user interfaces online, effectively removing the requirement to memorize star codes that were necessary to activate features on legacy analog phones.

Will I save money with VOIP services?


Yes, and Momentum is one of the most economical VoIP providers on the market. With voice over IP systems, advanced features that traditional telephone companies usually charge extra to utilize, come bundled free with your service.

How much does service with Momentum cost?

We have plans starting at $9.95 a month.

Is Momentum service available in my area?

Momentum is CLEC certified in 45 states and offers service nationwide. Contact our Sales Team to check availability in your area.

Where can I get a quote and how do I sign up?

Quotes and sign up forms can be requested online, by phone, email and now even on Twitter, presenting many options for our customers to connect with our expert Sales Team and get more information on our services.

Number Portability (8)

Can I keep my current telephone number?

Yes, you can sign up for the plan of your choice without changing your phone number. Local Number Portability (LNP) allows you to take your existing number with you when you switch providers. We can even transfer a toll free number. Just inform us you want to keep the same number with our services and we will take care of everything from there.

Can I transfer my wireless phone number to Momentum?

Yes. Just let us know when you place your order that you would like to make that transfer.

Can a business subscriber convert to a residential account?

No, due to the published listing, business subscribers cannot convert to a residential account and residential subscribers cannot convert to a business account.

Will my existing phone service be interrupted during the setup?

No. We can provide you a temporary number that assures your existing phone service remains uninterrupted until the process is complete, and enables you to use our service and all its features immediately.

What will happen to my current voicemail when I sign up for Momentum?

As soon as your account is activated, your Momentum voicemail will immediately begin accepting messages. At this time, your old voicemail will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to retrieve your previously saved messages.

What is the estimated time it takes to deploy a number to momentum?

The standard porting interval varies depending on the losing provider. It typically takes between 2 and 10 business days.

How long does the actual porting process take?

For customers using existing broadband, the process will be completed electronically and takes approximately 30 minutes. If telephones or other physical equipment are needed, your equipment will be shipped to you and arrive in 7 to 10 business days already configured. You will just plug the equipment into an Ethernet connection and it will be ready to use immediately.

How will I know when porting is complete?

You will receive a welcome message and regular updates via email regarding the conversion of your service. You will be sent an email right before the changeover, and once your order is completed, Customer Support will follow up with a phone call to inquire if any additional assistance is needed with setting up your new Momentum account.

Setup (5)

How much technical skill is involved in the setup of Momentum services?

Our products are very simple to use. We provide online directions that show how to use the features. Plus, customers can always contact customer support.

What equipment do I need to set up Momentum’s VOIP services?

Yes, with supported momentum devices you can share your broadband connection for both data and voice.

Can I share my T1 for both data and VOIP?

No, due to the published listing, business subscribers cannot convert to a residential account and residential subscribers cannot convert to a business account.

How much bandwidth do I need to operate Momentum’s VOIP services?

We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 128 kbps for a single line and an additional 90 kbps per line on multiple line accounts.

Why is having the proper bandwidth so crucial for voice services?

High latency or packet loss can cause choppy calls and minimized voice quality. High latency is when it takes too long for the data to be transmitted over the internet connection; packet loss is when information is lost over the internet connection. These symptoms are often caused by broadband problems, internet congestion or heavy bandwidth usage, such as online gaming or file sharing. Increasing your bandwidth can usually fix related issues. Check the health of your network connection with a broadband speed test.

Services and Features (21)

What is a smart number?

Smart Numbers provide the best inbound calling features available on our Workstation line – without the need for a desk phone. Get all of the polished business features and listings needed, while remaining completely virtual and mobile. Our Smart Number points to any number you select, so you can make and receive calls from your home phone, your cell phone, or any number you choose.

Do I need any equipment for a smart number?

This is a virtual product – no equipment is required.

Does Momentum provide a ring group feature?

Yes, one is included with the Small Office Virtual Assistant.

Can I have professionally recorded greetings for my virtual assistant?

Yes, you can. The recorded greeting for an automated attendant can be up to 5 minutes in duration. The source file must be a WAV file. Required format: CCITT u-Law or A-Law, 8 kHz sampling rate, 8-bit Mono. Once the file has been created, it can be uploaded from our subscriber website.

What all do I need to get started with virtual fax service?

There is no equipment or software necessary. Momentum assigns a local or toll free fax number that allows users to send and receive faxes via email.

What is a Message Waiting Indicator?

A Message Waiting Indicator is a notification that alerts you when you have a new voicemail message. There are two different types of Message Waiting Indicators. The Audible MWI notifies you in the form of a “stutter dial tone” when a message is waiting to be retrieved and a Visual MWI triggers a light and/or notice on the display of your phone.

How do I check my voicemail?

You can check your voicemail by telephone, email or via the Subscriber Portal. By telephone, dial *98 to get to your mailbox, enter your passcode and press the # key. To check voicemail via your email, just enable the Voicemail to Email feature on the Subscriber Portal. You can also listen to your messages by clicking the Message tab on the Subscriber Portal.

What is the maximum capacity of my voicemail box?

The voicemail box holds up to a total of 30 minutes worth of messages. When at capacity, all new messages will be blocked.

What message will a caller on my blocked call list hear when the call goes through?

The blocked caller will hear a message stating the party they are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.

Can calls be erased from the call log?

No, calls are archived for 3 months and then they are deleted.

Can Momentum’s service be used with my burglar alarm system?

Customers who have a burglar alarm system connecting to an existing office telephone line should contact their alarm system provider to see if their system is compatible with their service and for wiring assistance.

Can I call a 900 or 1-900 number?

No, Momentum blocks all calls to 900 and 1-900 numbers.

Will I be able to make e911 calls in case of an emergency?

Absolutely. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Just make sure the service address you provide us matches your physical address. The address you have provided us to keep on file is where 911 personnel will be sent during an emergency.

Do I need to test e911 dialing after setup?

No, it will not be necessary to test E911 dialing following installation.

Do you offer calling cards?

No, Momentum does not offer calling cards.

Does Momentum service handle international dialing?

Yes. Note that additional fees do apply for making international calls. The rates vary from location to location and are applied on a per minute, per call basis. We do provide an option to block international dialing from your phone line.

Can I forward calls to my mobile device?

Yes, simply select the forwarding option in your settings on the Subscriber Portal or do it directly on your phone by pressing *72, enter your mobile number and end the call.

Does Momentum support extension dialing?

Yes. We support extension dialing with our Enterprise products.

Will my business number be listed in the phone book?

It is optional. You will be able to designate the company name and phone number you want listed in your local directory or you can choose for your number to be unlisted (accessible via directory assistance only), or unpublished (to remain completely private).

Can a business listing be in an individual’s name?

Yes, just let us know the exact name you want to appear in the telephone directory.

Where can I find more information on momentum’s features and solutions?

Visit our Resources Page for feature guides as well as demos, tutorials and technical guides.

Your Account (7)

Where do I go on to review my account information?

Once your account is established with Momentum, you get access to the Subscriber Portal, which is your online source to view details on everything from itemized lists of call logs and features management to billing information linked to your account. Your username is usually your email address; the temporary password is your account number.

How easy is it to expand the number of VOIP phones I need?

Extremely easy. New customers should contact our Sales Team, existing customers should simply contact Customer Support and they will be happy to place an order.

Is there a limit to the number of lines I can get with Momentum Service?

No, there are no limitations for number of lines purchased.

What payment options does Momentum offer?

You can pay your invoice via Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express), or Check.

How do I report a problem with my service?

You can call Customer Support at our toll free number at 888.538.3960 or email

What are the office hours for the Customer Support and Sales?

The Customer Support office is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Central Standard Time. After business hours, there is always an on-call representative available to assist with emergencies. Our Sales Team is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Does Momentum offer an online billing option?

Yes, Momentum’s Subscriber Portal enables customers to receive and pay bills online. Take advantage of our environmentally, user friendly billing option to schedule recurring payments, monitor international calling usage, view inbound and outbound call logs and pay monthly bills with just a click.

Partner Program (14)

How do I get started as a Momentum reseller?

To request a contract, just contact our Channel Management Team at Momentum will follow up with you to gather any additional information that is needed to finalize the process and proceed with implementation.

Is there a fee to join the Partner Program?

No, there are zero sign up fees.

As a Reseller Partner, are there required minimums?

We do not impose minimums on our partners. We provide flexible plans for all scenarios that ensure resellers can meet their customers’ needs, whatever they may be.

Will I have to fly to your office for training?

No. Industry-leading education resources will be available to you for free in a variety of ways starting with the Momentum University online library 24/7/365 for user guides, videos, presentations, and more helpful education tools, as well as the option to request (via your PM or AM) scheduled webinar-style online training sessions hosted by a Momentum Corporate Trainer for popular UC solution voice products and services. You will also have access to your Channel Manager, Implementation Project Manager, a Sales Engineer, Customer Care, and your VAR support team (where applicable) to assist and guide you through the entire process.

What equipment is compatible with Momentum services?

Momentum supports a wide variety of industry leading business phone systems, routers and ATAs. We primarily provide Cisco or Polycom phones with our cloud communications service offerings.

What are the options for Enterprise service plans?

Enterprise solutions have options for metered and unlimited usage plans. Each Enterprise “simple” user receives a dedicated call path that is tied to their usage plan. Alternatively, Enterprise “select” has shared call paths, a flexible seat to call path ratio structure that creates a cost effective solution for enterprises with a broad user base.

Are data services available?

Yes. To access data services, Momentum provides T1 connections, and in many cases, your existing broadband may be sufficient to operate these services.

Are customers able to bring your own broadband (BYOB)?

Yes, you are able to BYOB. With this option, we do recommend you employ a full assessment of the network to assure everything is up to par for voice. Also, you will want to run a broadband speed test to make sure you have at least 100 kbps up/down per active call for optimum voice quality.

What kind of technical support can I expect as a reseller?

Momentum offers Tier I thru Tier III support 24/7, in house and in country. A Sales Engineer will also be available to assist with technical questions pre and post sale.

What type of marketing support is available?

Momentum will provide marketing designs such as bill inserts, postcards, email blasts, door hangers and more – you name it, we’ve got it.

Will you bill my customers?

Momentum handles all the heavy lifting for our reseller partners. We do the billing, the collections and deal with all the government fees.

What do BTN and WTN mean?

BTN stands for Billing Telephone Number and is the number where the subscriber’s account is billed and set up. WTN stands for Working Telephone Number and is normally a subscriber’s secondary line.

What is the commission structure?

Momentum offers resellers a tiered structure based on Monthly Recurring Revenue that allows a partner to increase their monthly residual % as they grow their customer base. We also have a wholesale option should you choose to brand the solution.

How do I check my commissions?

You can check your commissions via the Partner Portal. This tool can also can be used to track leads and opportunities, create quotes, open cases, view order statuses and other account details.The Partner support team will be available to assist with administration of this tool.