Written by Pete Morano on September 12, 2012
Categories: Blog Posts

A recent wave of family-focused social networks including FamilyTree, MyHeritage, Family iBoard and MyFamily.com are promising a more intimate sharing experience than Facebook.

The latest is Rootsy, a free service that offers a private place to share your family stories and connect with the people you care about most. Users can also build a family tree – of both living and deceased members – and upload content like photos, videos and stories to accompany those family member profiles.

These sites provide a welcome refuge for those who love to share news and updates about their family, but don’t necessarily want their entire network of Facebook friends to know about them. And on the flip side, they will help alleviate the oversharing that is responsible for some of the biggest complaints on Facebook.

A recent study conducted by MyVoucherCodes.com found 46 percent of those surveyed said they had unfriended someone on Facebook for posting too many status updates containing excessive information.

What makes Rootsy different is that it’s not just about sharing – it’s also about helping to build a family tree. “That’s an interesting aspect of the network as it really promotes the connections between family members and reconnecting with those you don’t know too well,” said co-founder Cezary Pietrzak in a recent TechCrunch article.

Further down the road, Pietrzak says he could see Rootsy expand to include partnerships with genealogy research services, in order to help users build their tree even further.