Written by Beth Hildreth on May 26, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Companies are increasingly implementing unified communications solutions for the benefit of their employees. According to a recent survey conducted by Dimension Data, 80 percent of respondents indicated their companies had a strategic plan and budget put in place to implement “select components” of the platform, while more than 40 percent said they were ready to invest in “all or most aspects” of it.

And why the trend? Sixty-one percent of survey respondents said their businesses have noticed “measurable cost savings, employee uptake and employee productivity,” says Craig Levieux, Dimension’s group general manager for converged communications.

Those numbers are certainly compelling, but to fully optimize a UC solution there is another step. The study found that businesses employing unified communications solutions didn’t tap into their most valuable resources—their employees who utilized those tools—to pick their brains on how the platforms could be better customized to fit their responsibilities.

According to survey data, only 38 percent of companies profiled their employees, while 20 percent said they didn’t even think of it; 21 percent said all users need the same functions and 13 percent said they didn’t see the value in even asking their employees their thoughts.

As is the case with all products and services, feedback from the end user is vital in determining what could be augmented in order to improve that product or service. With unified communications beginning to play an increasingly prominent role in businesses of all sizes, it’s more important than ever that decision makers ensure their employees are happy, comfortable and satisfied with the tools they’re given. All it takes is a conversation.