Written by Beth Hildreth on April 24, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

As cloud-based communications become increasingly more popular, the number of companies wishing to access an array of mobility voice features through a single interface is growing rapidly.

That is exactly why Momentum has developed Mobile Remote, a robust mobile platform that seamlessly integrates with Momentum’s VoIP business phone services.

The readily accessible platform was developed to help users complete various business-related tasks with ease. Service providers and customers that have Momentum’s hosted PBX service can leverage the cloud-based application to take their desk line anywhere.

Mobile Remote brings all of Momentum’s enterprise voice services to customers’ smartphones so they can connect with customers, colleagues and business partners on their own terms. With the integrated app, customers no longer have to give out a personal cell number when they’re on-the-go. They can make and receive calls from their smartphone and it will appear as a call from their business line.

The company directory feature makes it easy to contact anyone in the organization, when working from a remote job site or from home. Do Not Disturb, Anywhere and Call Forwarding features can all be altered on the go and settings can be customized to any particular workday situation.

Mobile Remote integrates enterprise voice capabilities into customers’ everyday lives and lets employees take charge of their work day.