Written by Pete Morano on August 20, 2013
Categories: Blog Posts

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Content marketing may be a hot buzz word right now in the marketing realm, but companies have been actively creating content around their businesses and brands for years. While content marketing may be an effective way to reach your customers and engage with them, can content be used to empower your customers – and your employees?

At The Pulse Network, personal health and fitness is a primary focus of our company culture. This focus however, has come about in the past year or so since members of the TPNI team joined a local CrossFit gym, CrossFit Craic, located just outside of Boston in Dedham, MA.

CrossFit may seem like a cult fad, and is often intimidating to many outsiders. The high-intensity workouts push your body to your greatest limits, and after an hour long session participants usually end up laying on the floor trying to recover. At Craic, your fellow CrossFitters are extremely encouraging and cheer you on, and celebrate every one of your accomplishments. So where does content marketing tie into The Pulse Network’s obsession with CrossFit?

The CrossFit Craic website, Instagram account and private Facebook group have become three different platforms where members share their accomplishments and cheer each other on, even when you are not in the class. It keeps members connected and motivated. The website, hosted by WordPress, is in a blog format. The gym posts the daily workouts for members to check and share their results after their workouts. Doing so not only drives significant traffic to their website daily, but also results in a significant amount of conversation.

Every day, some of the gym’s over 200 members post before and after photos of themselves funny pictures of each other after their intense workouts but most importantly, it gives everyone an outlet to share with each other. People use social media to share (and sometimes overshare) different aspects of their lives, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and completing different goals in the CrossFit realm can be motivating to others and inspire people to better themselves.

While The Pulse Network has significantly helped CrossFit Craic with their content marketing efforts, the way that the gym has embraced social media has truly created an online community for their members. The enthusiastic use of social media and the website by the members has truly been empowering, and the results can be seen clearly.

By: Jennifer Videtta, Marketing Associate – The Pulse Network, Inc.