Written by Pete Morano on September 17, 2012
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Do you dream of riding your bicycle to work but don’t like the idea of arriving sweaty and out of breath? Now there’s a way to coast to work on a state-of-the-art bike with little to no pedaling.
In mid-July, Mercedes-Benz launched the smart ebike as a Pedal Electric Cycle hybrid that is equipped with an electric motor that switches on as soon as the rider begins pedaling. The smart ebike can also be used manually. So you could use the electric option on the way to work and pedal to your heart’s content on the way home.

The bike is ideal for city use as a fun and functional urban transportation solution that offers the comfort of a power-assisted two-wheeler and the easy handling of a bicycle.

With modern batteries becoming lighter and more affordable, a number of manufacturers are introducing electric bikes. The ebike’s battery housing is integrated into the frame of the bike, and a single charge can last more than 60 miles. If you need to charge the lithium-ion battery when you get to the office, it can easily be removed and plugged in while you’re at your desk.

The stylish ebike also features what Mercedes calls infotainment — a USB port that allows the user to plug in accessories and a smartphone holder for mobile devices. An iPhone app specifically developed for the bike becomes an information center when it’s placed in the smartphone holder, allowing the user to track distance and speed among other things.

The cost? Around $3,000. So if you’ve always wanted to pull up to work in a Mercedes-Benz,
this might be your chance.

But for now, Momentum’s cyclocross team might just have to dream.