Written by Beth Hildreth on May 30, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

These days, to combat rising energy costs and to fare well in the court of public opinion, companies have to pay attention to going green, to their carbon footprints and to sustainability. Luckily, for proactive business owners who are ready to make environmentally sound changes, reducing the impact companies have on the environment is easily married to financial savings.

By employing unified communications, embracing the flexibility voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones provide or modernizing the technology on which your company relies, adopting new solutions is crucial to your company’s continued success. Here are a few examples of how those solutions are beneficial in more ways than one:

· Video and web conferencing: There is no longer a need to require all of your employees to drive to a central location to be present at a quarterly meeting. Instead, conduct those meetings via video conferencing and web conferencing and drastically cut down gas emissions while accomplishing the same tasks you’d set out to do at a regular meeting. This will collectively save a slew of travel time, and that time will be spent producing resources for the company.

· Virtual call center: Why house your employees in a brick-and-mortar office building when they can simply answer phone calls routed to their houses through the power of VoIP phones? A virtual call center eliminates the need for driving, real estate costs and utilizes electricity already being used at your employees’ homes, helping to eradicate the need to electrically power a large office building.

· Internet fax: Cut down on your paper usage, as well as another machine powered by electricity, by sending faxes via email. You can both send and receive fax documents the same way you’d send an email. The same functionality with less waste.

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