Written by Beth Hildreth on August 3, 2018
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Engaging in educational environments is a surefire way to increase your ongoing sales. All experienced reps have a secret weapon they rely on to help them close deals, whether it’s an emotional pitch, a trustworthy relationship, or simply a way with words. These are practical tactics, though there’s one approach that many reps are still missing out on: ongoing education. All serious sales reps and channel partners must understand how vital it is to stay abreast of new services and devices. If partners fail to stay up to date with new technologies and how to position them, it’s only a matter of time until a competitor swoops in to take their place.

Why Channel Partners Should Take Ongoing Education Seriously

Channel partners seeking to learn about developments in UC, IT and related services will likely benefit from the following:

No expensive interruptions. Partners who attempt to cram their learning into one session every few months often incur significant costs beyond the tuition. Pausing other activities and reading trade journals or corporate blogs for news about today’s technology results in an opportunity cost that gives competitors the chance they need to approach your client.

Increased Odds at Sales

It’s common sense that knowing a product inside and out is among the best ways to close sales. There are two primary advantages to continuing your education about industry advances:

  • When you know all about a new product, you can more effectively demonstrate its uses and convey its value proposition. So when customers object—which happens all the time—you’ll be better equipped to overcome that obstacle and help the customer understand more clearly.
  • Staying informed about new technologies empowers partners to feel more sure of themselves during conversations with customers, while also staying ahead of the competition. Helping customers understand new technology and how to apply it is an easy way to secure recurring sales.

Strengthened Relationships

There’s plenty to be said about developing a reputation for expertise. When a customer learns that a sales rep is knowledgeable about a particular issue, the client is likely to pounce on the topic and ask a lot of questions. This presents an opportunity for sales reps to position themselves as knowledgeable consultants, which makes upselling a cinch.

Educational Quality

Becoming an expert takes time, whether it’s months, years, or decades. With technology, though, tomorrow’s solutions are built on top of today’s, in an autocatalytic cycle. So the more you know about the tech on the market now, the easier it will be to learn about what replaces it.

The Best Way for Channel Partners to Continue Their Education

Stay informed about industry developments, new products and services, and tricks of the trade by attending industry events. MicroCorp, for instance, holds our annual One on One event that is packed with useful bites of information to inspire a channel partner to seek more information and education. This year’s event features training on revolutionary sales approaches that will be delivered by Momentum. If you’d like to learn more about our events and stay in the loop about the latest and greatest, we’re just a phone call away.

Contributed by: Phil Keenan, MicroCorp President