Written by on April 30, 2013
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Throughout the month of April, Momentum encouraged employees across the country to pledge to work from home one day during Earth Week 2013 to celebrate Earth Week and raise awareness about the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Over the course of the week, 60 individual employees telecommuted from their homes, including 35 Momentum employees and 25 non-Momentum employees.

Making the Corporate Pledge

Though Momentum was pleased with how many employees pledged to impact the planet by working from home during Earth Week, many businesses are not prepared to let their workers telecommute on a regular basis because they’re not equipped with policies and tools that will allow their employees to work from home effectively.

Most companies recognize the impacts that remote working can have on corporate sustainability by giving employees a way to save fuel and reduce their carbon emissions. But it can be difficult to allow workers to telecommute if they’ve never done so before and your business doesn’t have an official policy in place.

It is important that we continue to raise awareness about the impact of business-related carbon emissions and inspire employees across the country to keep the planet clean.

Corporate sustainability isn’t something that can be done haphazardly. Companies need to take a deeper look at their business and find ways to build socially responsible practices into their workflows. With a clear plan in plan, businesses will then be able to develop a true social mission and impact the planet in a positive way.

One easy way to do that is to put a remote work policy in place and allow employees to telecommute just one day per week. By taking a stand and reducing the number of commuter vehicles on the road, we could save millions of tons of greenhouse gases each year, avoid thousands of traffic-related injuries and deaths and save millions of kilowatts of electricity — not to mention employees’ gas money and precious time.

Help make the transition to telecommuting a little easier. Download Momentum’s telecommuting policy template and see how it can help fit your employees’ telecommuting needs.

And check out more Earth Week telecommuting photos at http://betterearth.www.momentumtelco.wpengine.com

By: Dana Jaffe