Written by on August 28, 2013
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Virtual FaxIn the effort to compete with larger corporations, small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have to try to utilize effective practices and technology so that they are able to not just keep up with the services bigger businesses provide, but stand out. Using Internet fax is one way to accomplish this. The benefits this tool offer SMBs an easy and effective way to provide the services and communication their clients are looking for in a seamless and dependable way.

Internet Fax is Cost-Effective

One perk of Internet fax SMBs will enjoy practically right away is how budget-friendly this communication tool is. Since a legacy fax machine doesn’t have to be used, employers don’t have to purchase the machine, but also the paper, toner and other supplies that are necessary in order to maintain and use it. Decision makers similarly don’t have to worry about setting up an appointment with the repairman should the legacy fax machine need to be fixed.

Internet Fax is Efficient

Internet fax is also more practical and efficient. Not only do employees not have to waste time waiting for a fax to come, standing guard over the fax machine to ensure incoming confidential documents are not misplaced or given to the wrong person, but their computers also notify them when a fax comes in. This provides the flexibility to take care of daily tasks without the distractions or hindrances a fax machine can create.

Because on the receiving end faxes arrive as email, should the received documents need to be shared with coworkers, you can simply forward the email to them. This saves a substantial amount of time, as in the past you’d have to make copies of the faxed documents and pass them out instead.

Finally, sending larger documents does not pose a problem since paperwork of multiple sizes can easily be sent electronically by using this technology. Faxes are no longer bound by the physical dimensions of the paper being used.

Internet Fax is Convenient

Workers these days are often out of the office and on-the-go. And they are no longer confined to completing work tasks only when they’re sitting at their desks. This increased mobility, coupled with breakthroughs in technology that enable workers to be productive while out in the field, mean workers now have tools that enable them to be increasingly efficient. And Internet fax is one of those tools.

With an Internet connection, workers can send and receive faxes from smartphones, laptops and tablets when they’re not at the office. Rather than having to wait until they can use a legacy fax machine, workers can instead digitally fax documents at the precise moment that is convenient to them. This means that if an employee is across town meeting with a prospective client, and a different customer requests documents at that moment, once that meeting ends the employee can digitally fax those documents immediately, rather than having to wait until he or she gets back to the office.

Internet fax is a fantastic tool for small businesses to use as it is a cost-effective and efficient solution that maintains stellar communications with clients. Incorporating this technology into daily business practices can significantly improve communication and efficiency.

By: Dana Jaffe