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In today’s business world, where the average employee stays at a company for a little more than four years, it’s somewhat of a rarity to find a young person building a career at the same place. But since joining Momentum Telecom fresh out of grad school in 2005, Danielle Faulk has done just that, and a big reason is because of the power of telecommuting.

Danielle loves working in what she describes as a very creative environment where everyone on the team works together to meet the same goal.

“It’s a great fit for me,” she says.

Over the last eight years, she’s risen through the ranks and is currently a Channel Manager at the company, responsible for identifying “great VARs” to partner with as well as helping them grow their business by selling new hosted PBX services along with Momentum Telecom’s added unified communications tools.

And those tools are so helpful in managing daily workflow, Danielle explains, that she couldn’t imagine doing her own job without them. After working out of Momentum’s Birmingham office for seven years, she relocated to Nashville after getting married.

“I work from home—it’s a complete game changer,” she says. “I unplugged in Birmingham and plugged in at my new home. I have the same phone number. Momentum Messenger makes it feel like I’m sitting at my desk in Birmingham. I can quickly be in any kind of conversation.”

Momentum Messenger, the company’s unified messaging application, is a client that seamlessly syncs your desk phone with your PC and/or mobile device. Momentum Messenger boasts features like individual chat, group chat, video chat, telephone presence monitoring of co-workers, click to dial from your desk phone, or can used as a full featured softphone on your laptop or mobile device. It allows quick, seamless conversation to take place between employees regardless of their location. Problems that lingered for hours because of phone tag can now be resolved in minutes.

Danielle was quick to add only one change had to be made: The phone’s physical address had to be updated for 911 purposes. “I’m walking, living proof of how easy it is,” she says of changing offices.

With Momentum’s voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and unified communications tools, Danielle says she hasn’t skipped a beat with work. She can be on the phone with a client and quickly ask an engineer a question online and get a prompt response, making business easier and days a whole lot more productive.

“We implement these features so easily because we use them ourselves,” she says of her telecommuting. “This is our whole premise.”

Managing partner relationships is one of the things Momentum does best. With partner incentives offered at the referral, resale and wholesale levels, it’s no wonder more than 350 partners rely on Momentum today.

“We work very close with our partners to make them feel comfortable,” she says. “If they’re not comfortable selling a hosted product—we are there for support and installation until they get comfortable. We’re work with them throughout the process. Our partners trust us. They feel comfortable introducing us to their customers. We’re in constant communication with them.”

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By: Dana Jaffe