Written by Beth Hildreth on July 2, 2015

Many companies are transitioning to cloud technology to enable business efficiency and improve communications. From improving customer service to enabling mobility, the cloud advantage for businesses is clear.

Customer Service – Hosted in the Cloud

The cloud has proven valuable in advancing customer service, an aspect that becomes particularly evident when looking at cloud usage within call centers. According to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, the hosted call center market is expected to grow by an average of 12.1 percent annually, to over $3 billion by 2017. Meanwhile, investment in standard call center technology is expected to decrease to $1.892 billion in 2017.

BYOD – Enabled by the Cloud

One of the most popular advantages of cloud technology is its ability to accommodate bring-your-own-device initiatives in the workplace. Pew Research recently conducted a study which determined that 56 percent of all U.S. adults are smartphone users. Businesses are acknowledging this trend. The enterprise mobility market is expected to be worth around $181 billion in 2017, based on a recent MarketsandMarkets study.

Mobility – Assisted by the Cloud

Mobility is one of the main reasons that BYOD is ideal for businesses. For example, Cloud technology allows contact center employees to work from home, or almost any other location, when needed. Additionally, the cloud allows employees’ smartphones to link to their office phone numbers so that employers and customers can reach representatives easily. Also, employees can access any data they might need via the cloud. This ease of mobility prevents inconveniences and downtime that might occur for reasons such as employee health, weather, or other disasters. The mobility gained from using cloud technology means solid business continuity.

Cloud technology is beneficial for businesses both large and small. Businesses that watch cloud technologies that are trending upwards in personal use can capitalize and integrate those tools into business for a clear advantage.

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