Written by Beth Hildreth on May 30, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Companies continue to adopt voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, and with some predicting an end to landlines by 2015, it appears that trend will continue. Partners and resellers know as well as anyone that having the best in communications continues to be of utmost importance to business strength. Choosing the right wholesale VoIP provider, one that can meet the standards of your valuable customers, is a decision that shouldn’t be made without conducting thorough research. You need to figure out which provider is the best fit for your company so that you can deliver the best product to your customers.

And how do you do that?

For starters, look at the features a company offers. Because communication is delivered through the Internet, wholesale VoIP providers offer a variety of options that legacy phone vendors simply do not. From caller ID delivery blocking to call forwarding to voicemail to email services, it’s important to become familiar with every feature in order to determine which vendor is most appropriate for the market you seek to serve.

As wholesale VoIP providers offer services delivered over the Internet, network stability and network uptime are critical elements to consider when choosing the right solution. Look for providers who offer networks housed in geo-redundant architecture which boast 100 percent uptime, meaning your systems are online when you need them to be. These companies are in business to make sure your communications systems help you remain in business, so fitting providers will house their equipment in the safest, most secure locations.

One thing you can never take for granted is call quality. Saving money with VoIP technology won’t matter if you can’t enjoy clear communication. Worthy providers will keep comprehensive statistics, measuring the quality of the calls they host and troubleshooting and tweaking any problems that might pop up in order to make sure the service delivered meets, if not exceeds expectations.

As is the case with entering into any other kind of contract, business owners are best off thoroughly researching available options before making a decision as to which provider to employ for their communications needs.