Written by Pete Morano on December 27, 2012
Categories: Blog Posts

“I need to have responsive vendors that take care of my clients. A partnership with Momentum to provide PBX and Hosted VoIP was the right solution to take care of the needs of our customers.”
– Christopher J. Iovane, President & CEO of Walnut Telecom Group

Walnut Telecom Group specializes in providing voice and data telecom consulting solutions for small, medium, large and enterprise businesses and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Momentum’s Hosted VoIP solution allows Walnut Telecom’s customers to access voice and data over the Internet via DSL, T1 or Ethernet.

Since partnering with Momentum, Walnut Telecom Group has been able to deliver full-package Voice over IP solutions to its customers to allow greater flexibility and better-quality voice. With a hosted solution, Walnut Telecom Group’s clients are able to depend on Momentum’s years of experience to manage their communications needs.

President & CEO Christopher J. Iovane, explained that he decided to partner with Momentum after his customers began asking for PBX and Hosted VoIP solutions. Momentum’s voice solutions, which allow users to access their businesses communications via the Internet, pair with Walnut Telecom Group’s data services to give customers the freedom to connect and conduct businesses from anywhere.

“Walnut Telecom Group is a direct channel partner with telecommunications carriers that allow us to provide pricing, support and billing for our clients,” said Iovane. “Because Walnut Telecom Group does not technically ‘work’ for a carrier, we can represent multiple carriers and maintain a consultative approach to the way we work with our customers. Our only real concern is that the solution is the right one for the needs of the customer.”

Momentum and Walnut Telecom Group share a passion for delivering reliable, top-notch solutions to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. With a geo-redundant network that ensures 100 percent uptime, centralized order and support automation and measurable voice quality, Momentum’s cloud PBX has what it takes to support Walnut Telecom Group’s customers.

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