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Headquartered in Colorado, Regenexx focuses on developing breakthrough non-surgical options for people suffering from various orthopedic disorders. With a patented procedure, Regenexx uses a patient’s own stem cells and blood growth factors to regenerate bone and cartilage.

The physicians that make up the Regenexx Physician Network are dedicated to educating patients, providing choices, offering options and encouraging people to take an active role in their own treatment. The company strives to improve the quality of life for each patient through compassion, dedication, and innovative treatment plans designed to meet the individual needs of the patient.

Regenexx worked with the telecom, cloud and technology management consulting firm IQ Wired to find a communications solution that enabled them to thrive.


Regenexx was in the middle of experiencing rapid growth, and a byproduct of this growth was the need for a larger space that could better support their team. Regenexx had made an initial investment in a call center application that would allow statistic tracking, multi-channel communication and improved customer experience. However, the pending move was a catalyst for the leadership team to decide that this application was not going to meet all their needs and would require additional costs and resources to deliver the desired results. With limited time and resources to explore other options, Regenexx turned to IQ Wired to collaborate with and guide them in finding the best solution that could meet both their immediate and long term needs. IQ Wired took the time to understand what was important to Regenexx and knew that any new system would need to be able to integrate with Regenexx’s CRM tool and had to have a proven track record of reliability.


Through IQ Wired’s deep understanding of Regenexx’s needs, they were able to present multiple voice providers that met the search’s outlined criteria. Ultimately, Momentum was the partner of choice due to their Contact Center expertise, network, exceptional support team and competitive pricing.


Regenexx finalized their decision in December and needed the new communications system in place before the new year. This left a tight window for installation. However, Momentum’s white glove approach to all customers begins at implementation, and with responsive communication and seasoned expertise, by the first day of the new year, Momentum had delivered a fully customized and operational system that was ready to enable Regenexx’s business to thrive.

Since then, the Momentum solution has been easy to use and provided real-time and enhanced analytics. This has allowed Regenexx to more effectively measure efficiencies, make data-driven decisions, manage customer representatives and improve the customer experience. The solution integrated Regenexx’s CRM tool with Momemtum’s CRM Connector and the additions of Momentum Mobility and Voice Analytics have been big keys to the Regenexx team’s successes.

“Momentum really had an all-encompassing catalog of tools that more than delivered on every one of our needs. Coupled with an experienced, responsive and dynamic team, Momentum delivers a truly transformative solution.”
—Andre Galaviz, Education Center Manager, Regenexx

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