PTR BalerCustomer Profile:

PTR Baler & Compactor is a nationally respected manufacturer of balers, compactors and service equipment specific to the recycling and waste reduction industry. PTR’s mission is to provide customers with industry-best value for high quality products manufactured for safety and durability. PTR also champions both environmental preservation and protection through its active commitment to providing and servicing eco-friendly products.


PTR Baler & Compactor had been utilizing an aging premise-based, internal, private telephone network known as a Private Branch Exchange or PBX. As PTR grew, so did their desire for an advanced phone system that could better meet their organization’s various needs. When they discussed these needs, their carrier replied that access to these kinds of features would require a significant and expensive upgrade to the system and the internal infrastructure.


The organization began to look for alternatives to the costly system overhaul that would also make their system more dynamic. Moving forward, PTR was sure they wanted the ability to construct a disaster recovery plan. So after a thorough search, they decided to partner with Momentum Telecom and adopt Momentum’s hosted VoIP solution as their system provider.


It didn’t take long for PTR to see the Momentum difference and to see the many improvements from their old system. In addition to the operational benefits of the hosted solution, the switch to Momentum was thoroughly effective in the brand’s overall cost reduction strategy; the organization was able to preserve a significant portion of their budget by merely switching to Momentum. PTR and Momentum partnered to create and implement a disaster recovery plan that ensures the safety of PTR’s data and connectivity. The two organizations were also able to take steps in supporting each other’s initiatives for being environmentally conscious.