Customer Profile

Maritime Chevrolet is an auto dealership located in Fairfield, Connecticut and is the area’s premier Chevrolet dealer for all new and used vehicle sales, financing, parts and service needs. Maritime Chevrolet maintains an active commitment to achieving the highest level of employee and customer satisfaction, a high level of involvement in the community and a sales and service experience that goes beyond expectations.


The auto dealer had been using a communications system that was simultaneously increasing in age and in issues. As experiencing loss of service became more routine, the reliability, cost of maintenance and lack of features began to make a more and more compelling case that it was time for change. As they began looking for a modern solution, they wanted a solution that used advanced technology, lowered costs and had call reporting options.


As the dealership considered options, there was one provider that took the time to learn about how the dealership worked and what they needed to thrive. This allowed Momentum Telecom to develop the best solution, which included Momentum’s Business Voice, CRM Connector, Voice Analytics and the advanced standard features all while lowering Maritime Chevrolet’s total cost of ownership.


Today, Maritime Chevrolet is seeing an increase in productivity due to better quality and more reliable communications that are both easy to manage and come without deal-killing issues, like dropped calls. In a business built on customers service,  CRM Connector and other tools have allowed the dealership to be easier to do business with and been a part of the dealership’s continued success.

“I am a completely satisfied customer. The detail and planning of the Momentum team ensured a smooth and trouble free transition. From sales to implementation, the process and people have been transparent, professional and unmatched.”
—Eric Sandstrom, Vice President, Maritime Chevrolet