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This Farmers Insurance office provides home, auto, life and commercial insurance to clients in the Chicago area, primarily serving the area’s Spanish-speaking community. The business also has additional satellite offices in the surrounding suburbs.


A Farmers Insurance office in Chicago was relying on an outdated and ineffective way for communicating with their customers: a traditional landline service. Employees were spending their valuable time on hold with a difficult-to-reach and an often-unhelpful landline support team. The organization was missing important calls and potential business opportunities. These factors led the leadership team to drop traditional landline service and begin searching for a better solution.


Farmers Insurance decided to search for a reliable VoIP solution with an affordable price point. Their wish list also included the ability to easily and efficiently manage a high volume of both calls and voicemails. After searching the marketplace, Farmers Insurance felt resigned to settling for a bundled package from the company’s internet provider. Then a client introduced Momentum Telecom’s Hosted VoIP Solution, and they discovered this to be a cost-effective solution with features and customer service far superior to the competition.


Farmers Insurance now enjoys a clearer voice quality and zero downtime, which has substantially improved their day-to-day business activities. Farmers also utilizes other features like simultaneous ring and voicemail-to-email to improve the organization’s efficiency. The organization’s partnership with Momentum has allowed Farmers Insurance to provide excellent customer service, a pillar within the insurance industry, and to grow through simple, yet integral, solutions.


“Finding an excellent provider like Momentum is an invaluable resource. Momentum has become a vital asset to the agency. I have become very attached to Momentum’s great network and phone system and have been eager to spread the word to colleagues. I feel very comfortable saying it will be a long-term relationship.”

—Rick Hernandez, Farmers Insurance