Customer Profile

Ector County is located in West Texas and serves more than 150,000 residents from the county’s largest city and seat of government, Odessa. Founded in 1887, Ector County has been a mainstay in helping both the local and state governments operate and in assisting with economic development, electoral processes, health services, judicial measures, environmental regulations and other governmental responsibilities.


Ector County had been using a premise-based phone system for the better part of two decades. As that system began approaching end-of-life, the county diligently began preparing a request for proposal (RFP) for providers to review. As they neared the end of preparing the RFP, the phone system began to fail. With locals struggling to reach the main county, officials sprang into action and expedited their plans to implement a new system and immediately began reviewing their RFP submissions.


The communications system plays a vital role in Ector County’s daily interactions with the county’s residents and constituents. On top of that, there was a belief among the city council and commissioners that the city has a constitutional obligation to maintain a phone system that is both operational and reliable. So after reviewing their options, they elected to implement a Momentum Telecom solution because Momentum was a reliable, truly geo-redundant, enterprise vendor that owned and operated their own infrastructure. Additionally, Momentum’s solution would allow for Ector County’s 60+ locations to go from being operated and managed on an individual basis to being on the same system and manageable from a single location.


After Momentum was selected, it was important to move quickly so the county could resume standard operations. While an entire implementation process traditionally takes a few months, Momentum had a number of phones installed by the end of the following day. These phones allowed Ector County to accomplish important tasks while both parties worked to finalize the entire system’s implementation. Momentum also held on-site training later in the week to ensure that the county had the right tools and knowledge to effectively carry out their work. Since completing implementation, processes have returned to normal and Ector County has benefited from the easily manageable and reliable service that makes it easy for residents to always contact the county.


“Momentum has been a great partner right from the very start and helped us restore our communications system quickly. We went with Momentum because we knew their quality and reliability was unmatched and that’s what our constituents deserve.”

—Mario Ornelas, Director of Information Technology, CIO