Customer Profile

Cornerstone Media is an elite level marketing firm that offers commercial printing and complete design solutions. The organization is the one-stop source for ad specialties and promotional products and brand messaging. Cornerstone prides itself in providing customers with unique and innovative products and designs that leave lasting impressions on the companies’ target market and boost return on investment. The company’s mission is to create long-lasting relationships with clients through the power of promotional products.


Cornerstone Media is dedicated to providing the best quality products with the shortest turnaround. The tight deadlines and make communication vital to an organization’s success. Unfortunately, Cornerstone’s configuration was increasingly a hindrance to the organization. The litany of shortcomings included an inefficient call transfer system, faulty extensions and inadequate voicemail tools. The issue was further compounded by remote workers that would, at times, use personal mobile numbers.


Determined to find a better solution, Cornerstone Media began searching for alternatives to their current configuration. They decided they needed a communications solution that would help unify their organization, enable better customer relationship management and facilitate organizational growth. Surveying the marketplace led Cornerstone Mediaconfidently to Momentum Telecom.


The company’s new system provided a host of new features employed by Cornerstone. This included Momentum Auto Attendant, which enables the activation of a dedicated company line that is set to ring any employee, on any device. In addition, Momentum’s range of features enabled Cornerstone to improve communication with customers, and made the entire ordering process more efficient. This has created significant dividends through the creation and development of a more accessible and engaging company, a more satisfied customer base and a more successful organization.

“Momentum provides Cornerstone Media the technical support we need without having to jump through hoops and listen to a long list of menu options. At Momentum, I have a support rep I deal with directly, a person I know by name – it’s invaluable.”
—Marc Robillard, Owner, Cornerstone Media