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Spencer’s Gifts LLC is a lifestyle retail company that operates two unique national brands, Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween. Spencer’s operates over 600 Spencer stores and over 1,000 Spirit stores across the United States and Canada. Spirit stores are mostly seasonal, with 10% of stores remaining open through half of January as converted toy stores.


An organization intent on operating and optimizing a successful nationwide brand, Spencer’s was growing increasingly intolerant of its communications provider’s repeated and continual points of failure and an outdated system that required frequent maintenance. So they began a search to find a new provider that could solve these issues and provide an upgrade their existing voice and data network. They also made it a high priority to partner with a company that used the latest technology and would provide the flexibility to add and remove users without a penalty.


Spencer’s found their technology partner with Momentum Telecom. Momentum’s features were able to meet the search criteria laid out by Spencer’s, and the solution included even further benefits. Specifically, Spencer’s implemented Momentum’s Hosted VoIP, advanced Call Center, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.


Since the partnership began, Momentum’s Hosted VoIP has been an instrumental factor in enabling Spencer’s to scale-up their operations and optimize their communications. They have been able to leverage this technology efficiently through the use of Momentum’s administrative portal, which allows managerial access to seamlessly manage their entire communications operations. This has allowed the company to actualize enhanced operational functionality, and has specifically accommodated the seasonal businesses model used by Spencer’s pop-up stores. The company has also been able to make more informed improvements to their management of employees, time and resources through the advanced Call Center solution that provides Spencer’s with easy access to advanced reporting functions and analytics. On top of that, Spencer’s executives sleep well at night because they know that, regardless of any external circumstances, Business Continuity delivers complete assurance of operations and office automation.

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