Company Profile

Abigail Michaels brings hotel-style concierge service to over 120 luxury residential and commercial buildings nationwide. The company offers an array of traditional hotel concierge services – managing hotel and restaurant reservations, booking car services, sending flowers to people, providing gift suggestions, planning visitor itineraries, spring cleaning, event catering, dog walking services, coordinating move-ins, etc. Locations are spread across the country and include Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.


Abigail Michaels Concierge has a main office that serves as their core hub, while still operating from 11 remote locations. At many of these locations, they perform their services while operating under the alias of their client’s own brand. To protect this branding, Abigail Michaels wanted a phone system that would let employees know how to appropriately answer the phone when clients called in from one of its properties and also be able to select an outbound line to identify each of these properties.


Abigail Michaels was looking for a unique, cutting edge communications solution needed at a low monthly cost, without sacrificing call quality. Their search led them to Momentum Telecom who provided a hosted VoIP solution, which met each of their prerequisites and even included additional features that exceeded expectations.


Momentum’s solution allowed Abigail Michaels to utilize cutting edge technology to maximize efficiency and provide superior customer service that allows the company to stand out amongst the competition. In addition, Momentum’s system virtually eliminated Abigail Michaels’ dropped, static or missed calls and has given the staff a better chance to personalize their service to each incoming caller. Specifically, the virtual call center and auto attendant allows employees to direct certain types of inquiries to certain types of concierge specialists and the multiple outbound caller IDs have resulted in less ignored calls because the customers now recognize the brand calling them.