Customer Profile

The Cleveland Browns are members of the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL). In addition to their home venue FirstEnergy Stadium, which accommodates 67,407 fans, the team operates the Cleveland Browns Training and Administrative Facility in Berea, OH which is home to more than 200 employees..


While generally satisfied with the state of their telecommunications services provided by traditional “big carriers”, the Cleveland Browns were interested in forming a relationship with a local provider who could deliver their key voice and high capacity data needs while also becoming a long-term business partner.


With a long history serving the telecommunications needs of businesses throughout the Cleveland community, Momentum Telecom was well-positioned to meet the Browns’ needs. A complete review of services, carriers, contracts and configurations resulted in an opportunity to consolidate services under a single management umbrella in order to improve service delivery and streamline invoicing. Partnering with Momentum enabled the Browns to consolidate from 4 different providers down to 1, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple vendors and services while benefitting from the increased oversight Momentum’s proactive account management provides.

Central to the Browns’ operations is the massive amounts of video they download from the NFL – including 5-6 different camera angles for each opponent every week. Leveraging a robust network infrastructure, Momentum delivers high capacity data services at both FirstEnergy Stadium and the Training and Administrative Facility, enabling the Browns to have the bandwidth required for video assets without affecting network speed and quality for the day-to-day needs of their staff. Additional high capacity private connectivity between Berea and the stadium provides secure data transmission between the facilities, supporting game-day operations and supplying vital failover and geographic redundancy.

Encompassed in Momentum’s total account management approach is providing traditional voice services at both facilities. This includes employing unified communications solutions to ensure that one phone number follows their employees regardless of their location, providing a consistent user experience inside and outside of the organization.


Through seamless implementation and smooth transition, Momentum quickly became the trusted business partner and communications provider the Browns desired. Momentum’s proactive account management, including on-going line and service audits, has helped the Browns further reduce costs. The partnership continues to evolve as Momentum offers strategic guidance and support to ensure the organization is leveraging the latest services and technologies to meet their ever-increasing capacity demands.