Written by Beth Hildreth on August 22, 2016
Categories: Blog Posts, UCaaS, VoIP

If you’re able so slow down long enough to take notice, you’ll see that there is a growing revolution among law firms. Many firms are discovering the world of Voice over IP (VoIP) and the benefits it can bring to a law practice.

There are a number of reasons there are droves of firms making the switch. Here are the highlights:

1) Better technology creates efficiency.

Can you imagine using a computer from the 1990’s to do your work? Or how about using a trusty car phone to make calls while driving into work? If the thought of relying on either of those relics to do business scared you, then you need to ask yourself why you’re relying on today’s work to be done using telephone technology from decades past.

VoIP has firmly entrenched itself as the technology of tomorrow that is both affordable and available today. Analog and on-premise systems will soon be as rare as a telegraph, and thank goodness you’re not using one of those for your office memos.


2) The ability to go mobile.

The world is moving at an increasingly fast pace and the ability to work on the move is more and more imperative to remain competitive in the marketplace. VoIP has the ability to keep users to plugged-in from anywhere.

Momentum Mobility is the perfect example of this freedom. From any mobile device, laptop or phone you can make and receive calls using your work number. You can also send messages to other users, view their presence and more.


3) The freedom to build a communications plan that fits their practice.

Each company is different, and law firms aren’t an exception to that rule. There isn’t a master communications plan that will work for every firm. The luxury of VoIP is that it allows you to layer on a customized set of features and applications that will work for you and your firm.

At Momentum, we will have people with you during every step of the process. From the day of your first inquiry, and as you move on to installation and then to account management, you will have premier, award-winning support from a company that is dedicated to making sure you are successful.


Stay tuned to our blog for part two of our legal series to learn more about how top VoIP and Unified Communications features are benefiting law firms.