Written by Beth Hildreth on January 4, 2017
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In our Selling Momentum series, we’ve discussed how to understand VoIP concerns and the pillars that make a VoIP transition successful, now we just need to find a buyer.

While VoIP can be deployed for any enterprise, there are definitely certain types of companies that stand out as especially well suited for hosted VoIP.

Those companies may share one or more of the following characteristics:

  • 15+ Seats

15 seats seems to be the tipping point where it quickly becomes unjustifiable to not be using hosted VoIP for all of your seats.

  • Multiple Locations

Hosted VoIP allows organizations with multiple locations to have a unified experience across every location. With features designed to be accessible and functional, regardless of location, to all employees, a company can experience true collaboration.

  • Remote Workers

Often hosted VoIP often goes hand in hand with a unified communications solution. Unified communications plans equip remote workers for success in a way never seen before. Momentum Mobility allows workers to always be available while remaining away from the office or on the move.

  • Planning to Move or Relocate

A key VoIP feature is the technology’s ability to easily be deployed and be moved. So hosted VoIP is especially useful for any company that is considering moving or has seasonal locations.

  • Uses Other Cloud Services

VoIP is easily deployed and integrated into cloud-friendly networks, and customers who already use the cloud are more likely to embrace VoIP technology.

Key Industries

Similar to there being certain company characteristics that make organizations a better hosted VoIP target, there have been industries that have experienced great success with our Momentum solution. Those industries include:

The landscape of telephony is changing and Hosted VoIP is the future. So while this list may include people that are “perfect” for this technology, the fact is that every company will soon be transitioning so the ideal buyer is truly anyone ready to upgrade their communications.