Written by Beth Hildreth on July 1, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

If you operate a call center housed in a brick-and-mortar office building, using legacy contact center solutions to meet your communication needs, it may be time to reconsider. Adopting voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can do wonders for your business and will deliver the functionality to power a virtual call center.

VoIP services provide business owners with the flexibility and mobility they need to succeed in a modern business environment. Because the solution routes voice communications over the Internet using the same lines used for the transmission of data, companies can merge monthly utility bills and save money.

In addition to the noticeable cost savings call center owners will realize by switching to a hosted PBX solution, this advanced platform provides a variety of features that simply are not possible for call centers relying on older phone systems. Highlights include:

  • Unified Communications: The more ways you give your customers to contact you, the more satisfied they will ultimately be and the better help your employees will be able to provide. Cloud technology allows the integration of unified communications, which means email, instant messaging, SMS and other web-based communication methods can be used by employees to interact with customers who may be more comfortable in those mediums.
  • Reporting and Monitoring Tools: Supervisors are able to listen in on employees’ calls to make sure they’re taking the right approach in addressing a customer’s needs and concerns. Similarly, new employees can listen in on calls to see how managers assist customers without the customer knowing he or she is on the phone. Upgrading your communications to a virtual call center solution provides you with a variety of call reporting tools, which deliver useful data and analytics that can be used to identify ways of how to better serve your customers.
  • Mobility Features: Your call center is only as strong as your employees. It’s important to retain your best employees whenever possible. A hosted PBX solution allows you to do just that even if they have to move across the country. Because calls are routed through the Internet, employees have the ability to work from wherever they happen to find themselves, as long as an Internet connection is available. The opportunity to build a remote team, and in turn helps strengthen your company.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: When VoIP is provided by a third-party supplier with a geo-redundant network, that vendor can ensure your call center stays online during disasters or power outages. Some VoIP vendors even boast 100% network uptime — this means you’re available when your customers need you most.