Written by Go Momentum on September 27, 2011
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IBBS Bandwidth Management program enables mid-size operators to address unprecedented network pressures due to dramatic increases in over-the-top IP traffic

ATLANTA – September 27, 2011 – IBBS, the leading provider of voice and data services for Tier 2 and 3 cable and broadband providers, today launched IBBS Bandwidth Management, a new network optimization program that gives operators comprehensive tools and insights so they may improve capacity planning, make strategic network investments and capitalize on IP service delivery trends.

The offering makes its debut as increased bandwidth consumption due to over-the-top video and peer-to-peer file sharing continues to significantly and negatively impact mid-size cable operators. Tier 2 and 3 operators have been uniquely impacted by increased data traffic due to a variety of factors including limited video on demand offerings, inadequate capacity management tools and constrained budgets for network expansions.

“Over-the-top video entertainment now accounts for nearly half of all bandwidth consumed on cable networks, and this traffic load is negatively impacting operators at nearly every point of their networks. The financial and technical effects on operations are significant and measureable,” said Kyle Johnson, director of Product Strategy at IBBS. “IBBS Bandwidth Management is designed to support the operator in taking charge of network assets, investing wisely in infrastructure improvements and enacting measures to better manage traffic and consumption.”

The IBBS Bandwidth Management program blends best-in-class tools with professional engineering expertise via a three-pronged approach.

  • Phase One – Pain Point Analysis – At the onset of the program, IBBS works side-by-side with the operator to define network choke points, examine subscriber behaviors and identify opportunities to fine-tune network assets. The exercise outlines next steps for optimization, enforcement and investment.
  • Phase Two – IBBS Bandwidth Analytics Portal – A fundamental component to the offering, the operator deploys the proprietary IBBS Bandwidth Analytics Portal that allows the broadband provider to perform deep analysis, conduct modeling exercises and create reliable forecasts. The tool allows the operator to investigate traffic patterns down to the individual CMTS level, examine usage trends and evaluate individual system profitability. Situational intelligence derived from the portal enables the operator to significantly improve capacity planning and take a long-range view of network operations.
  • Phase Three – Bandwidth Optimization Program – IBBS supports operators with additional functionality through the IBBS BBX platform. The platform enables the operator to establish automated metering, set bandwidth consumption thresholds, trigger defined actions when thresholds are surpassed, throttle speeds when appropriate and establish fair use policies.

“Today, only the largest cable operators maintain internal capacity planning departments. With the advent of IBBS Bandwidth Management, we have made a comprehensive approach accessible to operators of any size. The combination of robust tools with our expertise allows operators to significantly augment their capabilities while not having to make major investments in systems and people,” added Johnson. “Operators that fail to enact network standards or develop an optimization strategy may suffer from lost video revenue, increased strain on network resources, and decreased customer satisfaction due to diminished network performance. The IBBS Bandwidth Management program offers a cost-effective and efficient path to improvement.”

To design and implement the IBBS Bandwidth Management offering, IBBS leveraged newly developed capabilities in its proprietary Broadband Explorer (BBX) 4.7 provisioning and diagnostics platform. Further, IBBS partnered with Boulder, Colo.-based Applied Broadband to develop the IBBS Bandwidth Analytics Portal. Applied Broadband brings deep expertise in broadband service engineering and software solutions having worked with service providers, product vendors and research consortiums.

“As bandwidth consumption continues to shift toward an all-IP environment, IBBS is the cable operator’s partner in helping them to address current challenges and preparing them to capitalize on new opportunities,” said Johnson.