Written by Beth Hildreth on April 26, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Are you a small-to medium-sized business (SMB) unsure of whether to transition from your outdated, legacy system to a cloud-based public branch exchange (PBX)? Read on to discover the countless benefits your organization will be able to enjoy if you take the first step towards utilizing a hosted PBX.

Because hosted PBX systems are not housed on-site —and are instead hosted through the cloud—you can eliminate the need for upfront expenses typically required to upgrade or continuously maintain and update the solution. Rather than worrying about associated hardware costs, businesses can instead rest assured that hosted PBX experts with years of experience will be taking care of their communications needs.

A recent report revealed, “Business owners who switch to hosted PBX find that cloud-based phone systems are much cheaper in the long run to manage and operate and that the low upfront costs make it easy to get started.”

So not only is the PBX easy to use and install and cost-effective, but no additional hardware, software or phone lines need to be installed to get it up and running without delay.

As telecommuting becomes increasingly more popular, hosted PBXs will continue to gain relevance since they allow a global workforce to remain connected from any location. Users can also dial into conference calls, check their voicemails and always stay connected to customers and colleagues — even when they’re outside of the office.

The pros: Costs related to in-house IT employees and equipment are cut down and productivity levels are ramped up since work can be completed from on-the-go at anytime. The cons: none.