Written by Beth Hildreth on May 17, 2019

And Changing the Lives of their Employees

When SMS was developed, in many ways it changed the world and the way that people communicate. And today, even though it’s many people’s preferred method of communication, there are those who doubt its ability to have an impact on the business world.

However, there are many successful enterprises that would disagree. Here are five ways those businesses and others are using SMS as a part of their unified communications strategy to build their companies and empower their workforce:

1. Be More Connected

The great benefit that SMS provides is the ability to be connected. Today’s world is fast-paced and sometimes you can’t afford to be out of the loop, behind on some new developments or late passing along important information. SMS allows you to fully take your work with you anywhere or to let that work come to you.

2. Chat with Non-Enterprise Users

One of the most beloved benefits of unified communications is chatting, and with good reason! Who doesn’t love being able to instantly message back and forth with a coworker that’s sitting in an office hundreds or even thousands of miles away, or with a coworker who’s traveling and using their Mobility app on their phone?
With SMS built into your business number, you can always use a single screen and single client for all of your messages and reach anyone at any time.

3. Text from your Office Number

Imagine only having to remember one number for all of your business needs. All of a sudden, you only have one number to give to clients, you have a streamlined and accurate business card and, importantly, you’re not worried about a client texting your business number and you never hearing about it. Sweet simplicity is what you need, and that’s a reason why integrating SMS into your office number can a game changer.

4. Remain Relevant

Millennials love to text and studies show it is by far their preferred method of communication. But you don’t need studies to see this! Just look around you and see how many people are sending hundreds of hundreds of texts. Integrating SMS into your office phone line broadens the horizon of the people you can reach by making your more accessible to consumers and it keeps you from missing out on business from people who are probably texting your business line right now.

5. Keep Your Personal Information, Personal

Privacy seems to be rarer and rarer, but it never feels like we have a choice to protect our privacy. Using SMS with your office number allows you to concisely separate your work life and your personal life without having to compromise on availability, people’s preferred method of communication or simplicity.

Your privacy should matter to you and with how easy it is to integrate SMS into your office number and unified communications plans, you shouldn’t need to think twice about making privacy a priority.