Written by Go Momentum on July 20, 2011
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IBBS defines Tier 2 & 3 voice services with expertise in rapid service launches and platform conversions for broadband providers serving the residential and commercial marketplace

ATLANTA – July 20, 2011 – IBBS, the leading provider of voice and data services for Tier 2 and 3 broadband providers, this week marks its one-year anniversary of its acquisition of SinglePipe, a provider of voice over IP solutions for cable. Since the acquisition, 43 broadband providers have selected IBBS to power their voice services in the residential and commercial marketplace.

Delivering on its promise to create a fully integrated voice and data solution for cable companies that seek to expand their residential and commercial service offerings, IBBS has advanced customers into voice services with rapid launches and a feature-packed platform that helps gain and retain subscribers. IBBS also has found significant success in winning broadband provider customers who seek to leave competing platforms and want more flexibility and enhanced support.

“Our broadband provider customers seek a marketable advantage and find IBBS a superior choice for voice for both residential and commercial subscribers,” said Dave Keil, chief executive officer at IBBS. “The addition of a rich voice offering combined with our world-class customer service and support allows our customers to accelerate bottom-line growth through new subscriber acquisition and improved retention.”

IBBS announces its success on the eve of the 2011 ACA/NCTC Independent Show where the company will unveil its “Better Choice for Voice” campaign. During the San Francisco conference, IBBS will highlight customer success stories and the distinct benefits of the IBBS Voice platform including its team of voice experts, seamless conversions and superior options for service management.

One broadband provider, Texas-based Harris Broadband, recently converted to the IBBS Voice platform from a competing provider. The company sought more flexibility and a platform for future growth.

“When we launched phone services with another company, we were unimpressed, yet we hesitated to switch for fear of disrupting our customers,” said Phil Harris, chief executive officer at Harris Broadband. “After working with IBBS, we had great confidence we could move to their superior platform with limited interruption. It was the best decision for our customers and our business.”

Harris Broadband and the other 42 broadband providers that have chosen IBBS Voice to serve their customers testify to smooth launches that are supported by detailed roadmaps and a dedicated team. Leveraging IBBS’ feature-rich platform, providers find quick success in attracting subscribers who are eager to bundle their high-speed Internet with a voice offering. Providers also appreciate IBBS’ superior flexibility including the company’s deep inventory of phone numbers that allow providers to rapidly provision customers and even schedule same-day installations. Broadband providers who re-launch voice services with IBBS find an opportunity to reset their local marketing and find improved market traction.

“While we had an aggressive growth plan in place, our success this past year has significantly exceeded our expectations,” added Keil. “The market’s quick adoption of IBBS Voice and our collective success demonstrate our understanding of the market and our customers’ needs for reliable, flexible and superior broadband services.”

IBBS will showcase its “Better Choice for Voice” campaign at ACA/NCTC Independent Show booth #703.