Written by Pete Morano on September 17, 2012
Categories: Blog Posts

Dreamforce 2012, one of the largest cloud computing industry events of the year, kicks off tomorrow, and Momentum is excited to learn more about Salesforce, the host of the event, and how software as a service (SaaS) is transforming the way companies do business.

SaaS, a cloud-based application that eases businesses collaboration and communication, is an important tool in our office, and we would like to share the top 4 reasons we love Salesforce.

1. Unrestricted Access. Because SaaS applications are cloud-based, they are available from any computer or mobile device any time, any place. All you need is an Internet connection to link up with the service.

2. Simple Maintenance. All program updates and upgrades are managed by SaaS providers, which is a huge timesaver. It also ensures users are always up and running with the latest up-to-date software.

3. Lower Cost. Customers avoid the initial investment in an IT infrastructure because SaaS services are built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. Since solutions are managed by your SaaS provider, you also can reduce labor costs.

4. Seamless Integration. Salesforce provides an application programming interface that allows users to integrate with existing existing business productivity systems, and SaaS vendors with multitenant architectures can scale to meet customer demand.