Written by Beth Hildreth on April 11, 2017
Categories: Blog Posts

So we’ve discussed the Undeniable Power Monitoring Downstream can have on your operation. We’ve also discussed the different methods out there and how they stack up to one another. So now you’ve realized that the reduced number of truck rolls, the empowerment of your customer service agents and the cost savings are exactly what your operation needs. Great! So where do you start? We know preparation is an important part of any plan, so we’ve come up with three practical ways you can be ready to monitor downstream.

1. Know Your Modems

The first, and arguably the most important step, is taking the time to understand the specifics and inner-workings of the modems you are servicing and deploying. Different modems have different monitoring capabilities, so knowing your modems will help you know the options that your modems have available. For monitoring downstream, you need a modem that can deliver “downstream spectrum capture.”

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