Written by Beth Hildreth on May 24, 2017

Auto Attendants are more common than ever and becoming a staple in various industries. However, many people still complain about having to “talk to machines.” We believe the reason people don’t like “talking to machines,” is because the recordings they encounter have no personal touches.

Regardless of industry, your customers are your business’ lifeline. So if keeping them happy is on the top of your priority list, try these tips to improve your auto attendant and, therefore, your customer experience:

1) Be Personal

Make an auto attendant recording with a personality that matches your business. If you’re a bank then greet the customer in a cool, calm and professional manner. If you’re a car dealership, it’s ok to add a little pizzazz and character to your recording. The key is to remain true to your company’s culture and to be as quick as possible, no one likes having to wait!

2) Explain Shortcuts


Many auto attendants have the capability and are actually already configured with an operator line. This means that if a caller presses a number (usually 0) they’ll be connected to someone in your company (typically a receptionist or secretary) that acts as an “operator.” However, unless you mention this in your recording, the caller will have no idea this option is available to them. So drop a line in there saying something like, “Press 0 at any time to speak with an operator.”

This also applies to a feature called “Dial By Name” that allows for callers to simply say the name or extension of their intended caller at any time. But, once again, if the auto attendant recording doesn’t mention this, the caller has no way of knowing it exists.

3) Include Times

Did you know that most auto attendants allow you to use time schedules? This means you can have different recordings for business hours, after hours and holidays. Take advantage of this functionality, and let your callers know upfront if they’re calling when your business is closed, when your regular business hours are and what times you can be reached. Save your customer from having to wait to find out that you’re actually closed.