Written by Pete Morano on January 16, 2013
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Companies flocked to Las Vegas from all over the world last week to show their new wares at the Consumer Electronics Show. Year after year, tech companies reveal some outrageous new technologies, and this exhibit was no different.

Take a look at our top 10 favorite gadgets that were on display at CES 2013:

1. Electric Skates. spnKiX are motorized skates that strap directly onto shoes and are controlled by a handheld remote. The battery-powered electric “vehicles” can take users nearly 7 miles on one charge at up to 10 miles per hour.

2. Finger-Mounted Stylis. Tech Tips is a stylus that resembles a large nail, and is designed for touch screen precision, particularly on mobile devices. The stylus can be worn over a gloved finger for typing in the cold, and an even smaller version, Nano Nail, can be painted and glued on top of a natural nail.

3. Vibrating Fork. HAPIfork is a kitchen fork that comes equipped with a motion sensor that knows when users are lifting food to their mouths. If someone is eating too fast, the fork vibrates as a warning to slow down, which can help reduce overeating.

4. Virtual Dressing Room. LG introduced a conceptual augmented-reality virtual fitting room during the exhibition, which will allow customers to be able to see themselves wearing different clothes on a mirror-like screen.

5. Ultra HDTV. Panasonic unveiled an ultra high-definition TV that the company refers to as the “world’s largest 4K OLED,” or organic light-emitting diode. The 56-inch prototype boasts a crisper screen and is complete with a stylus.

6. Waterproof Music Player. Sony debuted a waterproof digital Walkman, the NZW-W270, which contains a 4GB music player inside a pair of airtight earphones. The two ear units are connected by a single cable with controls on each side for power, track selection and volume.

7. Street-Legal Racecar. Ford unveiled a single-seat, open-wheel Formula One EcoBoost Road Car at CES. The car has the requisite license plates, wheel covers, front and rear lights, mirrors and tires to keep it street legal, and is built with a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine designed to deliver higher fuel efficiency.

8. Mega Tablet. Panasonic showed off the world’s first 20-inch 4K resolution tablet at CES 2013, fully equipped with Windows 8. The extra-large tablet is designed for professionals, such as video editors, who will be able to use a stylus to manipulate graphics in the cloud.

9. Holographic Marketing. As a look into the future of high-tech marketing, Displair debuted an “airborne interactive display” that projects an image against a stream of ultrafine vapor that pours upward out of the device to display personalized advertisements.

10. Fridge for Foodies. Samsung’s T9000 refrigerator is equipped with an LCD screen and Evernote integration that lets users look up recipes, share grocery lists, manage their food inventory, and keep track of their schedule on the refrigerator’s calendar app.

Would you purchase any of these tech gadgets? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: samsungtomorrow via photopin