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Momentum’s marketing team is heading to Boston this week for Hubspot’s annual inbound marketing conference, a 3-day series of keynote speakers, more than 100 breakout sessions, networking opportunities and more.

Here are a few of speakers and sessions we’re looking forward to most at the 2013 Inbound conference:

1. Happy Customers: Creating A Better Customer Experience |Elizabeth Dunn

In this Big Idea session, Dunn will draw on new research and case studies to explore what customers really respond to and what makes them happy. She promises to unravel the complex relationship between customers and their money, and show us how we can take the knowledge of why they buy things to create a superior marketing experience.

2. An Inbound Marketer’s Guide to Product Marketing | Rick Burnes

In this Inbound Expert breakout, we’ll learn how marketers can improve their top product lines with product content and sales enablement tools. Burnes will look at ways to train and align sales, services and support teams on product messaging, and ultimately, make sure products get the attention they deserve.

3. 6 Steps to Optimize Your Emails for Higher Click-Through Rates and Conversions | Sarah Goliger

Goliger will look at ways to get the most out of email marketing efforts by identifying email marketing goals, determining what type of content to send and how to segment distribution lists. This session promises to have us walking away with the right tips and tricks to start generating better results from customer emails right away.

4. What the #!?$ Is Context Market? | Kipp Bodnar

Customers aren’t numbers in marketers’ spreadsheets; they’re people who hate most marketing because it is devoid of context. Bodnar will teach us how to better incorporate interests, behavior and devices into the marketing experience.

5. Making “Boring Industry” Content Work for Your Business | Dan Moyle

In order to be a great inbound marketer, you need to possess creative storytelling skills — but how do you tell a compelling story when the industry isn’t the most exciting thing? Moyle will share the lessons he’s learned about creating a long-term content strategy for seemingly dull industry.

6. Inbound Sales: The Secret to Unlocking the ROI of Inbound Marketing | Frank Belzer

Sales teams today need to change to embrace inbound marketing and drive company growth. In this Inbound Expert session, Belzer will talk about the secrets of creating a true return on inbound collaboration, and the importance of collaboration between the sales team and marketing.

7. From Politics to the Boardroom: Fearless Leadership | Arianna Huffington

In this keynote session, Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, will talk about how she triumphed over naysayers, self-doubt and a turbulent economy to foster significant personal and professional growth. Huffington promises to use her real-world experience to show business how to thrive in the face of adversity.

8. How to Make a Killer Landing Page: Critical Best Practices for Organic & Paid Traffic | Lucy Orloski

Website traffic isn’t worth a dime if you can’t convert it into leads. In this Expert session, Orloski will discuss the critical elements of landing pages for both organic and paid traffic — everything from page structure, content and style.

9. The Marketer’s 3-Step Content Roadmap: Aligning Content With Your Buyer’s Journey | Julie Spatola

In this Expert session, Spatola will discuss how specific content assets are more relevant to your potential buyers at certain times during their purchasing journey. This breakout promises to teach us how to align marketing content with our business’ buyer journey.

10. How to Optimize Your Blog For Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel | Pamela Vaughan

Not all blog visitors are the same, so we shouldn’t be treating them that way. In this tactical session, Vaughan will show us how to optimize our blogs for visitors at every stage of the marketing funnel so that we can effective nurture our visitors from one lifecycle stage to the next.

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And look for our roundup with our key takeaways from Inbound at the end of the week!

By: Dana Jaffe